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We live immersed in the rush, we always want to be on time and never lose a minute. Sometimes, we forget to pay enough attention to our bodies and take time for a relaxing hot water bath.

It would be ideal to end the day enjoying the benefits that relaxing baths can provide, but most of us do not find enough time to do so. Making the decision to give us a good relaxing bath at least once a week would be a great idea.

The ideal temperature of the water for relaxing baths oscillates between 30/32 degrees. When we bath, hot water and steam make the pores of our skin open and are more receptive to the therapeutic and healing properties of herbs and plants.

We can take advantage of the relaxing baths by adding oils or salts to the water that will help us take care of ourselves and even solve any other hidden problem we may have.

Water is life and offers many benefits beyond cleaning. Not only physically, but mentally it is an excellent habit for you to start or finish the day well.

You can take a bath with hot, warm or cold water, depending on what you prefer. But today we are going to talk about the benefits of a rich hot water bath, which helps improve your health and mood.

Imagine that you just arrived at your home after a hard day’s work, went to school, to the office, did the errands and the food, took the children to the dentist, had a long meeting, went to the gym … it was exhausting and stressful, but finally, you’ve finished.

You only think about dinner and sleep, right?

Here are 9 reasons to include a hot water bath in your routine every time you arrive home after a busy day. Or simply as a therapy to improve your life.

You will never regret doing it!

1) Relaxes the muscles of your body

The hot water relaxes your muscles, as it causes the blood vessels to dilate so there is greater oxygenation.

It also helps to relieve muscle pain and fatigue derived from the exercise you do during the day, whether walking, climbing stairs, carrying objects or practising any sport.

Your muscles are also contracted by stress and hot water serves as an excellent natural relaxer that also helps you to reduce inflammation.

2) Reduces fatigue in your brain

During the day you do not only do physical exercise but all the time you are thinking, interpreting what you see and feel, analyzing, making decisions, which results in the fatigue of your mind.

There are many ways to forget all the problems, whether exercising, playing a video game, browsing social networks or watching television, but there is nothing that relaxes your brain more than a hot water bath.

3) Relieves headaches

A headache is caused by the narrowing of your blood vessels. This is why medications to treat this pain are aimed at relieving pressure.

This is precisely what a hot water bath can do for you, relax the pressure of the blood allowing oxygen to reach the cells of your body, including your brain.

4) Stimulates circulation

When the hot water dilates the blood capillaries of your body, it causes the blood to carry out the correct oxygenation of the cells.

This is the main function of your circulatory system.

This can be improved even if you use a sponge to travel your body, as this increases the stimulus to the circulation and the lymphatic system, which is responsible for keeping the tissues of your body healthy.

5) Decongests your nostrils

There is no more natural way to decongest your nose than hot water vapour, since it helps the nasal cavities and sinuses to be clean, making the mucus more fluid and facilitating its elimination. Especially whenever the seasons change, when you are more likely to get sick with a cold or cough, a warm bath will help you decongest the respiratory system and feel better. If you have sinusitis or allergies, a hot water bath is an excellent therapy.

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6) Calms anxiety

The relaxation generated by a hot water bath is a very effective treatment against stress and anxiety since it calms your muscles and your mind.

It is an unparalleled moment for you to practice meditation, since you are alone, without distractions and water also work as an excellent massage to your body.

7) Eliminates toxins

With the flow of blood through your circulatory system, the pores of the skin open, allowing your body to eliminate toxins.

With the stimulation of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, in addition to the nasal passages, your body drains, expelling the waste that it no longer needs.

So you know, if you want to be more healthy and relaxed, take a bath of hot water for 10 to 15 minutes at least once a week before sleep. You can also use it to meditate, to reflect on some topic, to plan the next day, or also to sing!

8) You will sleep better

After immersing yourself in hot, fragrant water, you may already feel calm, relaxed and ready to sleep. When fresh air hits your skin when you leave your bathroom, your brain also releases melatonin, a hormone that can help you fall asleep more easily. Travellers often take melatonin as a supplement to help them adjust to a new time zone, but you can get yours in a natural way by jumping into the bathroom before going to bed.

9) You’ll get closer to your partner

The fact of taking a bath is always a refreshing experience, but it will be a better experience if you take it accompanied by the person you love, this will help you relax together, forget your discomforts and unite you more intimately. Just prepare your tub as you would normally do but with a little less water. You can add some rose petals to the water, essential oils and maybe even light a candle to make it even more romantic.

Whatever the reason why you decided to take a bath today is, rest assured that when you finish it, you will feel revitalized and relaxed, ready to sleep or to start an important day. To improve your experience, do not forget to complement your bathroom with the best items for a truly relaxing bath.

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