AquaDance Premium Showerhead Review 1

Price Around $35 – Available on
Pros Premium quality, Free tool connection, 6 different settings
Cons Solid plastic construction
Summary AquaDance Premium 3-Way Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Shower Combo offers the Ultimate Shower Experience!
Our Rating 4.5/5

One of the best parts of everyone’s day is when they step into the shower, and having this time in the bathroom is a real luxury. Whether you’re trying to wake yourself up with an invigorating morning shower or wind down and relax with a hot shower before bed, there are so many moods you can create in your own bathroom.

One thing that truly sets a bathroom apart from the rest is the quality of its shower, and more specifically the showerhead. It’s the showerhead that determines how the shower feels and whether or not you enjoy yourself, yet it’s a device that most people ignore when making new purchases.

Imagine having a showerhead that was capable of so much more than your regular bathroom setup and one that had different settings to help you create all of these different moods. This one simple attachment could completely change bath time and make it so much fun that you’d never want to get out.

The AuqaDance Premium Showerhead is a product that promises to do that and completely change your mind about showers. With all of its different settings and features, it signals what the future of showering will look like and offers an experience that you never thought possible when it came to your home bathroom.

About The Product

AquaDance Premium Showerhead Review 2

AquaDance is a brand who believes that shower time shouldn’t be boring. Their range of unique shower heads aims to make your shower a totally new experience and somewhere that you’ll never want to leave. The AquaDance Premium 7” Showerhead is one of their best sellers and gives you so many options for how you want to bathe that day.

This three-way shower combo system will completely revolutionize your daily routine and give you three different heads to work with. If you’re someone who likes to change things up, you’ll love having a shower that can offer you something different every time. Whether you want high pressure or rainwater style droplets, this head can do it.

The AquaDance Premium 7” Showerhead has been designed for all types of users and it’s so easy to install. When you make the switch from your boring old shower and attach this one, you’ll benefit from these features:

  • Click lever dial to change settings when you want;
  • 3-way water diverter;
  • Rub clean jets for self-cleaning automation;
  • Water saving pause more for camping and RVs;
  • Stainless steel shower hose;
  • 7” chrome face rain shower head and 4” chrome face hand shower both included;
  • Six different settings to choose from;

This shower head is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and having the sheer range of choices for how you want your shower to feel will amaze you. You’ll be able to change it up depending on your mood and the type of clean you’ll need, so the AquaDance Premium Showerhead is definitely worth the money.

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What Customers Are Saying

What sets this apart from other shower heads is the number of settings you can choose from. With most shower attachments, it’s usually just a mechanism that changes the pressure of the water but this does so much more. It can pause, pulsate, make rain droplets, or go intense, and you can easily change it with a simple click of the dial.

Although the shower head and parts are chrome plated, they’re actually made with ABS underneath. This means it’s a solid plastic construction so not really ideal for everyone if you’re looking for something durable. However, they do offer a lifetime guarantee which should quash any fears you have about it breaking after just a few months.

You might feel that the pressure isn’t as high as you hoped for, and you can simply take out the water regulator if it’s not up to your standard. There’s really no limit to how hard you can have it so it’s ideal for people who like their water to have a serious amount of pressure. When you’re bored, you can switch it over to another setting and enjoy the change.

Buying Advice

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This truly unique showerhead would be a great addition to any bathroom, and to get one for yourself you can go straight to Amazon. Their current price on the AquaDance Premium 7” Showerhead is just under $35.

Unfortunately, because it falls just below the $35 cut off for free shipping you will need to pay extra for freight. Members of Amazon Prime will, of course, have it delivered free, but if you don’t want to pay for shipping you can purchase two of the shower heads and save yourself the cost. It would make a great gift or addition to your RV or second bathroom.

One huge thing that sets this apart from other showerheads it the lifetime guarantee that AquaDance offers. You can rest assured that you’re buying something quality thanks to this guarantee and if you ever have any problems, you’ll get a full replacement or your money back.

AquaDance does sell other types of this specific showerhead and there are other sizes like 4.3 inches and 3.5 inches. Regardless of what shower setup you have and the size you need, they’ve got plenty of combinations and sizes to suit.

The Verdict

If you’re bored with your regular shower setup and want to add a bit of luxury and fun to bath time, the AquaDance Premium 7” Showerhead is something worth considering. This handy device offers six different settings so that every shower can be unique, and it couldn’t be easier to install and use.

Showers should be a time for relaxing or rejuvenating and with this showerhead installed, you’ll be able to suit whatever mood you like. To find out more about the AquaDance Premium Showerhead and get one for yourself, click on the button below to check them out.

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