Thinking back over the last year, many adults wouldn’t be able to tell you how many times they had a bath. We often associate bathing with relaxing and luxury, being able to drift off and soak for a while, and yet it seems that knowing how to take a bath properly is more like a lost art than something we should be doing regularly.

Most homes in America have a bath in their bathroom, but they’re usually just reserved for the kids in the house. As we get older, life takes control and we find ourselves with little time to spend on luxuries like baths, and so it ends up being just another thing that gets no use within our home.

Learning how to take a bath and truly appreciating the luxury that it has to offer can change all of this though. Although some people have given up the notion of having a bath and swapped it for their daily showers, that doesn’t mean you can bring back the lost art of having a bath with just a little bit of know-how that can change the whole experience.

Having A Bath

How To Guide: The Art Of Taking A Bath 1

One reason why people don’t take as many baths as they deserve to be is that they don’t know how to do it properly. Knowing how to make a bath isn’t as simple as putting the plug in and filling it up, as there are many factors that come into play and small things that you can do to enhance the experience.

These days, we seem to want to rush everything, so the process of filing your bath, lighting candles, choosing soaks and bombs, and relaxing is counterintuitive. Having a bath is the ultimate act of self-care and while it’s not something you need to do every day, we should be aiming to have at least one of these amazing experiences a week.

Baths used to be the norm before showers were invented and when water was a little more restricted. With the birth of the shower, we forgot just how enjoyable it could be to slow down and treat yourself, and learning how to take a bath properly is the best way to get started.

Preparing The Bath

If you go to most people’s homes and look in their bathroom, you might think that their bath is in no state to make anyone want to use it. Before you can even consider using the bath, you’ll want to know it’s clean and is free from mold or other grime. A natural cleaning agent is best so you can keep the chemicals out of your water.

Think about what you like while you’re having a bath as this will be completely personal depending on your preferences. Here are some things that people might like to prepare when running themselves a bath:


The ideal bath temperature will differ for each person as some are more sensitive to heat than others. As a general rule, your bath should feel a little too hot to the touch before you get in as your body will adjust to it within a minute or so. You’ll want the bath to retain some heat while you’re in there, so don’t start with it too cold.


How To Guide: The Art Of Taking A Bath 2

Some people prefer total silence during a bath and others like music. The best choices are relaxing types of music like classical, new age, or jazz. Think of how you’ll play it either through the radio or with a Bluetooth speaker and get this playing before you hop into the water.


The lights you choose will have a huge impact on the mood. A common choice for baths is to light some candles around the room, but you can leave the light on if you wish. Those with dimmable lights might prefer to turn it down low so they can just see.


Your bath products can be as basic as a bar of soap or you can fill the water with bath bombs and soaks. Again, it depends on your personal preference and what the goal of your bath is.


If you’re not already lighting aromatic candles, you might like to use a diffuser in the bathroom or put a few drops of essential oils into the water. The scent you choose is capable of adjusting your mood so relaxing aromas like lavender are best.


Some people might like to drift off and relax with their eyes closed during a bath and others will need stimulation. There are bath caddies you can use to rest books, magazines, and even tablets on, depending on how you like to keep busy.


When you’re done, you’ll need a dry towel and bathmat ready. Many people like to have a robe they can get dressed into, otherwise, have your clothes ready.

How To Take A Bath Properly

How To Guide: The Art Of Taking A Bath 3

Everyone has their own process when taking a bath, but you can follow these general guidelines if you’re not sure where to start:

  • Enter the water and soak for a few minutes so that your entire body gets wet
  • If your bath is more about relaxation, use this time to unwind and read your book or just lay there
  • Choose your gel/soap and a washcloth, rubbing each part of your body separately and washing it off in the bathwater
  • Soak for as long as want once this is done and ensure all soap has been washed off
  • Stand up and empty the tub, washing yourself off with a quick shower if needed

The Perfect Luxury Spa

It’s all up to you to decide just how luxurious you want your bath to be and there are plenty of great products that can help you achieve it. We owe it to ourselves to have a bath every now and then and enjoy the experience and time alone, so stop putting it off and discover the lost art of taking a bath for yourself.



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