When you ask most people what their favorite room of the house is, the answer usually comes back the same: their bathroom. Whether you live in an apartment and have just a small shower or own a large home with a gloriously sized bathtub, your bathroom is a space you use every day to prepare for work, make yourself feel better, unwind and relax, or just get clean.

There are so many different types of bathrooms out there and so many different types of people too. Most people would identify with being either a bath or shower person, and while there are certainly pros and cons of each, why should we have to choose? Thanks to all of the bathroom essentials you can now choose, our bathrooms can be as personalized as us.

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Considering how much time we spend in our bathrooms, anything we can do to improve them is a step in the right direction. There are now so many great products and accessories that can turn your average nightly shower into something that rivals a boutique spa, and all of these little changes don’t cost much at all.

Whether you’re a bath or shower lover, having a lot of space to work with or nothing at all, or never really thought about how often you spend in the bathroom, this is the ultimate guide to make it all better. We’ll show you the bathroom essentials that every home needs and why they’re so important so that you can start enjoying a little bit of luxury in your everyday life.

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What Makes The Bathroom So Great?

People often discount the bathroom because it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it’s also one where we spend a lot of time. You might be happy with a basic shower and sink but until you’ve tried the possibilities of what a bathroom can truly be, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Think about your daily life and what your routine is, and you’ll see why a nice bathroom is so important. Usually, it’s the first place we go when we wake up, and we wash our face, brush our teeth, weigh ourselves on the bathroom scales, and have a shower. Next, we’ll use it to get ready for the day by shaving, applying makeup or doing our hair.

At the end of the day, your bathroom is there again to help you out, only this time it’s more about winding down.

A good shower can help you scrub away the stress and dirt of the day, or a hot bath offers total relaxation that is like nothing else, or we bond with our children giving them their daily bath. We brush our teeth, finish up our beauty routine, and then get ready for the next day.

Our bathrooms might be small, but we do a lot in them. When we struggle to find ways to treat ourselves or take some time out during the day, the little niceties in our bathroom can make a huge difference and turn it into our own personal haven right within our home.

There’s no need to go all out when trying to improve your bathroom, and it can be something as simple as installing a high-pressure shower head. Whatever change you make though, you’ll surely feel, and it will make your daily routine that much more enjoyable and give you something small but significant to look forward to.

Showers Vs Baths: Which Is Best?

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One of the biggest debates that people have had over time is whether a shower or bath is better. Ask anyone and they’ll usually have their own personal preference that they’re pretty strict about, although there are still some who sit on the fence and like both.

There are pros and cons to either option and ultimately it comes down to personal choice and the way of cleaning that suits your lifestyle. Consider these points about baths and showers if you feel like you could possibly be swayed to the other side.

  • Water consumption: Studies have shown that showers are actually more earth-friendly than baths, as long as you’re using them right. A low flow showerhead means you can bathe for up to 10 minutes and still save water compared to a bath, or a regular shower head and a timer set for five minutes
  • Hygiene: Both options are incredibly good for getting clean, so there’s no clear winner. Some might prefer standing in a shower to wash off and others will like a long soak, so whatever you want is best
  • Comfort: There’s no contest with the luxury and comfort that a bath offers, so if you have the time it’s definitely the way to go. Although comfortable, they do lose points on convenience

Guide To Showers

Showers are a popular choice for many, and while we might have a bathtub in our home, it’s usually reserved for the children of the house. Parents and adults prefer the fast approach a shower offers, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be comfortable and luxurious.

The first shower system dates back to around the early 19th century, but it wasn’t until indoor plumbing was invented that they really took off.

Obviously, the style and plumbing of showers have changed dramatically since then, but for the most part, they use the same basic design. In the US, showers didn’t really become popular until the 1940s, but now they’re the most common choice.

There are now many types of showers available, and the one you have will depend on things like your plumbing system, budget, and size requirements. Here are some popular choices for showers:

  • Electric: These use water that is heated on demand where cold water is passed over an element that heats it before it comes out of the showerhead
  • Mixer: This works with both hot and cold water and mixes them together before it comes out at the ideal temperature
  • Thermostatic: These showers will prevent you from getting scalded when someone turns on another tap or flushes the toilet, as they’re controlled with an internal thermostat
  • Eco: Eco showers operate with water efficiency in mind and control the flow to a suitable level that restricts waste
  • Smart: Smart showers feature different functions like automatic temperature adjustment, sound systems, lighting, and spray settings


The Ultimate Guide To Bath Essentials 3

Each house has a specific type of shower in their bathroom, and changing these can be quite costly. However, a simple change of your showerhead can actually have dramatic results so they’re perfect for people looking for an upgrade without a whole lot of money to spend. These are some of the options available:

  • Handheld: This style can come off from the main unit and is held in your hand. It lets you wash more specific areas but is also useful for people with children or pets who need to get lower down to wash
  • Rainfall: These usually have a large coverage area but with softer water pressure that is meant to imitate rainfall
  • High pressure: A high-pressure showerhead converts the current water flow and turns it into a powerful spray. These are normally used by people with low water flow in their shower or those who prefer a stronger spray
  • Water saving: Showerheads that restrict the flow of water somewhat in an effort to reduce its usage, could also be used for camping or RVs where you’re on a limited supply
  • Wall mount: Most standard showerheads are mounted to the wall without the option to remove it like you would with a handheld device

Shower Accessories

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People often assume that the bath is the only place where the fancy products and accessories come out, but there’s plenty you can do in the shower as well. If you’re looking to spruce up your shower with some essentials that are practical, fun, and beautifying, consider adding these to your bathroom.

  • Shower gel/soap: Depending on your preference, you might like soap or shower gel to clean with
  • Shower caddy: A handy device that hangs from your shower head and holds all of your bathroom essentials
  • Exfoliating brush: These are made for body and face, exfoliating off the dead skin cells to rejuvenate your complexion
  • Washcloth/loofah: This will allow you to have a deeper clean of your body and get to those hard to reach places
  • Shower curtain: A must have for any shower that doesn’t have a glass partition, and choosing the right design can add some flair to your bathroom

Guide To Baths

Back before everyone had a bath in their home, large public baths used to be available for everyone to use. These days, it would be rare to see people visiting a public bath when they could get a five-star treatment in their own bathroom, and especially with all of the amazing accessories and products you can now get.

The bath is the choice that people go with when they’re looking to relax or need some comfort while they get clean. Unlike the shower, you need to put some time aside to have a good bath and some might even call it a lost art. There are things to consider like scents, bath products, water temperature, and lighting, all of which come in to play to create the perfect mood.

Although many people have a bath at home, it’s usually reserved for kids to use and rarely do adults put the time aside to enjoy it. This little act of self-care can have huge benefits physically and mentally, so learning how to make a perfect bath is something that everyone should know how to do.

You’ll need to start with a clean bath, and where possible you should avoid harsh cleaning agents filled with chemicals. Preparing the bath means getting everything like reading material, candles, music, towels, and robes ready, and then enjoying being submerged in the hot water while you unwind.

It can take some practice to perfect the art of having a bath, and there will be some trial and error along the way. With a simple bathtub, it’s really up to you to add whatever else you need to make it a personal and enjoyable experience.

These days, there are so many options out there for luxury bath essentials that can turn any old bathtub into a world-class pampering experience.

Bath Salts

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Bath salts are a special kind of bath product that has been around for many years, with the purpose of trying to imitate the feel of a mineral bath or hot spring. In addition to being fragrant and luxurious, they actually have some great therapeutic benefits and can greatly enhance any bath experience.

Among their benefits is exfoliation, relaxation, and added buoyancy in the bath, but it depends on the ingredients.

Bath salts are small, water-soluble minerals that are added to the bath water before you get in. They usually fizzle and can feel almost like getting a massage treatment while you’re in the water and also offer extra cleansing and lubrication.

Common ingredients include salt, Epsom salts, bicarbonate soda, and sodium citrate. They can be colored or fragrant, depending on their purpose, and they’re a great way to spruce up your average bath.

Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs seem to have taken over the popularity of bath salts thanks to their colorful designs and dramatic effects. A bath bomb is a sphere made of various ingredients like Epsom salts, a weak acid like citric, and bicarbonate soda which has been packed tightly and set.

The bomb is thrown into the water before you get into the bath, and it dissolves and releases the ingredients, colors, and scents.

These days, bath bombs are one of the main reasons that people prefer to use their baths and they can add a lot of atmosphere to your standard bath. There are many types of bath bombs each with unique ingredients and purposes, with these being the most common:

Glitter Bath Bombs

Filled with small amounts of glitter, these create a gorgeous display of color and shimmer in the bath and can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

Almost all bath bombs are scented, but aromatherapy bath bombs focus on this scent more than the other ingredients. You can choose scents for relaxation, invigoration, pain, or a boost in mood.

Cannabis Bath Bombs

Featuring CBD oil, cannabis bath bombs are ideal as they won’t cause intoxication or side effects but can offer relief for physical discomfort and injury, as well as relaxation.

Bubble Bath Bombs

These feature ingredients that cause the bomb to fizz up more than usual and create bubbles in the water, removing the need for bubble bath mixture.

Making Your Own DIY Bath Bomb

Bath bombs can get expensive if you buy a lot of them, so many people these days are preferring to make their own. We have a great recipe for a DIY bath bomb that features cannabis oil and offers many therapeutic benefits for both body and mind.

Bath bombs are made easily with ingredients that most people have around the home like Epsom salts and essential oils. Once you get skilled at creating the bombs, it’s a great idea to experiment with different styles and ingredients to find something that you really like.

Bath Towels

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Just as important as what you do when you’re under the water is the drying off stage when you’re done taking a bath or shower. There’s nothing worse than turning off the water, stepping out, and finding that your towel isn’t around, or grabbing a damp towel off the rack and having to dry yourself with it, and we all know that feeling.

If you’re looking for a way to add some luxury to your bathroom and also improve the décor at the same time, a simple set of bath towels could be the solution. With at least two towels of the same color and a rack to hang them on, you’ll add a burst of color to the bathroom and be adding something practical as well.

Choosing a bath towel is no easy feat though, as there are literally hundreds of different types to consider. Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, nudes, brights, waffle, fluffy, absorbent, oversized, just about anything you can think of they’ve made it into a towel.

Whichever towel you go with, it will form an essential part of your bath time experience. Having an absorbent and fluffy towel waiting to dry you off means you can continue the luxury part of your clean even when you’re no longer in the water.

Most luxury towels are affordable these days, and especially when you purchase them in a set, so there’s really no excuse not to splurge.

Many towel manufacturers also make other products for the bathroom like washcloths, hand towels, and bathmats. If you’re really interested in updating the look of this space, having just a few matching designs can help bring it all together.

Bathroom Scales

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Walk into just about any bathroom in America and you’ll see a set of scales hiding in there somewhere. Regardless of what your health goals are or your current physical condition, most of us keep a steady eye on our weight just by using our bathroom scales every now and then.

The bathroom scale is a must-have in this room of the house, and we keep it here for may good reasons. Firstly, they form part of our weekly or daily routine as we hop on to check our weight before a shower or bed. Secondly, being naked in the bathroom and knowing what your current weight is can be a great motivator for anyone looking to get fitter and healthier.

Bathroom scales today are capable of so much more than before, and they have become a valuable tool in health and fitness. Although most people are happy with their standard digital or analog scales that tell their weight in pounds, smart scales can offer even more.

Smart bathroom scales take their help to the next level and can act as a personal trainer or health guide if you need. They’ll give you data on your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage, BMI, as well as up to date recommendations on how many calories you should be eating to reach your ideal weight.

These devices sync up to your phone or other smart home technology for a fully integrated approach to losing weight or building muscle. Whether you choose one of these newer models or stick with a standard bathroom scale, these are one of the most commonly used bathroom essentials and something that can really help you get your health on the right track.

Cannabis Bath Products

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Cannabis has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and the focus on this plant is less about its psychoactive abilities and more about its therapeutic benefits. While it’s true many people still smoke the plant to achieve toxification, most people now use it for health, beauty, and wellbeing purposes instead.

Cannabis bath products are seeing a huge rise in popularity over recent years and people are enjoying them for all things including facial cleansing to bath bombs. When derived from the natural source of CBD oil, you can get all of the benefits of the plant without any of the side effects, so there’s no need to worry about feeling high or sick when you use them.

Cannabis bath bombs and soaps are particularly helpful for people suffering from physical pain as they have been shown to reduce this. In addition to relieving pain, the cannabinoid extract is extremely hydrating and great for your skin, as well as being high in magnesium which is something that we could all use more of.

Within the realm of cannabis bath products, there are many different things you can try. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve or whether your preference is for baths or showers, you might like to get the natural benefits of these:

  • Bath bombs: These will fizzle and dissolve within a few minutes, leaving the CBD oil and other ingredients in the water to soak into your skin and relieve you
  • Soaks: These feature small particles that are added to the bath, dissolving gently and giving you somewhere therapeutic to soak in. The longer you soak, the more benefits you’ll receive. Cannabis soaks are especially great for dry skin thanks to its hydrating powers
  • Soaps and shower gels: Cannabis oil and hemp oil are commonly found in many natural shower gels, shampoos, and soaps. They add moisture and offer a deep cleansing without emitting any overpowering odors
  • Hash bath: Dried herbs and cannabis plant that can be sprinkled into the bath. Once these soak into the water they release their extracts which is enjoyed on the skin and they come in many different types

It’s important to note that any of these products featuring CBD will not cause any psychoactive effects, and also won’t be present on any form of drug testing. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re getting a gentle but effective natural ingredient that is the perfect addition to your bath time routine.

Other Bathroom Essentials

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Your bathroom is your personal haven, so there’s really no end to what you could put in there to make it a luxury experience. When you have the basic essentials like shower, caddy, soaps, and gels, these are some other things you might consider adding to your list of must-haves for your bathroom.

  • Bathrobe: A luxury bathrobe can really add the finishing touch to your bath and can be worn as you put on makeup, brush your teeth, or just lounge around the house
  • Sound system: Bluetooth speakers, shower radios, and CD players are all popular choices for those who like to listen to music as they bathe
  • Towel racks: Hooks and rails are the most common ways to store towels, so whatever is going to let them dry is best
  • Hampers: A clothes hamper to store your dirty laundry is ideal to keep it off the floor and give you an easy way to take it to the washing machine
  • Entertainment: If you’re someone who prefers a bath to a shower, you’ll want some entertainment on hand for relaxation time. Books, magazines, crossword puzzles, and tablets are all great companions

Keeping The Bathroom Clean

There’s no point having the best bathroom essentials if you don’t have somewhere nice to enjoy them. Cleaning the bathroom is certainly not the most enjoyable chore around, but it’s a necessity if you want to keep the atmosphere of your favorite room in the right place.

Just like any other type of domestic cleaning, prevention makes it a lot easier. In the bathroom, this could mean washing out the tub after a bath, ensuring there’s adequate ventilation to prevent mold, cleaning the shower regularly, and not leaving damp clothes or towels laying around where they start to emit a smell.

The biggest issue we have in bathrooms is mold, and it can come up on so many places because of all the excess moisture. Keeping the showerhead drains, walls, tub, sink, and anywhere else that holds a lot of water hygienic with a simple mixture of vinegar and water can prevent you from having to do a major clean every month or so.

When mold is present, it can cause allergies, headaches, and nausea, and in some cases be quite dangerous, so you have to stay on top of it.

Choosing The Right Decor

The Ultimate Guide To Bath Essentials 11

Finally, with all of your bathroom essentials in place you can start to come up with a theme or design for the space. Most people find that they choose products that all tie in with each other and the overall style just comes together, whereas others like to shop for a specific look.

Rustic, nautical, eco-friendly, and minimalist are just some approaches you can take to bathroom décor but it’s really up to your personal style. There are so many easy and fun DIY projects around so you can even make your own décor to suit it perfectly without spending a whole lot.

Your bathroom should be your own personal haven, so take the time to make some finishing touches and let is express who you are. You want it to be somewhere you can relax and unwind, or get pumped up and ready for your day, so don’t be afraid to make it stand out.

You might not think we spend enough time in our bathrooms for it to matter, but as we’ve seen it’s one of the most important rooms in the home.

Make The Bathroom Your Personal Haven

When you think about how much time you spend each, week, month or year in your bathroom, it starts to make sense that you’d make an effort to improve it. This is one space where we can feel comfortable, relax from a long day, or get ourselves pumped up in the morning, and when we don’t let it function at its full potential it’s a wasted opportunity.

Whether you’re a bath lover or a shower fanatic, or even like to mix things up a bit, there are plenty of ways you can enhance the experience. In a time when we find it so hard to give ourselves some self-care and love, spending just a few minutes in your luxurious bathroom in the morning and night could be just what you need to feel better.

Not all bath products are going to be a good fit for everyone, so start with the necessities and then go to luxury items that will give you the spa experience you desire. There are luxury bath towels, shower heads, and cleansing bath products that could all do the trick, so check out our comprehensive buying guides to steer you in the right direction.




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