If there’s one thing that humans have argued over for decades, it’s the debate about shower vs bath. No matter who you are or where you come from, it seems everyone has their preference when it comes to a shower or a bath, but what do the experts say?

Determining which is better and the bath vs shower difference is a matter of looking at all of the points of comparison. There’s the bath vs shower water usage, the comfort level, convenience, and enjoyment of each, so there’s a whole lot to consider when determining which is best.

Of course, our own personal preferences will also come into play, and most people are set in their ways. Your lifestyle and other aspects of your daily routine will also determine which is the better choice, so we’re here to finally settle the debate about whether the shower or bath is the best way to get clean.

The Pros And Cons Of Bath Vs Shower

The Ultimate Question: Bath Or Shower 1

To decide which is best, we weighed up the most common factors in having a bath or shower. We’ve considered all things like hygiene, water consumption, and convenience, to find out which is truly the better option.


Nothing beats the feeling of laying in a hot bath and unwinding, but some might argue that a rain shower could. The comfort of a bath vs shower is a personal preference, but in terms of luxury, we believe the bath is the clear winner.


Although people assume that lying in a bath is less clean, experts believe they’re an equal tie. There’s no evidence to suggest that sitting in bathwater is unhygienic, but it’s more about the rinse off method that both bath and shower users apply. Be sure to rinse off all products and dirt before you get out, and you’ll be as hygienic as possible.


When it comes to the health of your skin and what might be better, dermatologists have mixed ideas. Some believe that spending too long in the bath can dry out your skin and open you up to other bacteria that love warmer temps, and so it’s better to wash off after a bath.

However, showers might not rinse you off correctly and leave products on your skin, so it’s something to be mindful of.

Water Usage

From an environmental standpoint, many people wonder about the shower vs bath water consumption. Is it better to fill up your bath and soak for a while or stand under the running shower? According to tests, showers are the winner here.

So long as you’re using a water saving shower head and keep the shower time to under 10 minutes, you’ll be saving water and using around 20 gallons each time. This is compared to a bath that uses 36 gallons to fill, which would be an almost 20-minute shower by comparison.


Waiting for the tub to fill up is a time luxury that some people don’t have and so the shower is the best approach. It’s quicker to turn the shower on and jump straight in, but you’ll get less time washing. On the contrary, filling up a bath takes longer but you can stay in there as long as you want and enjoy the experience without worrying about excess water usage.

Your Personal Preference Matters

The Ultimate Question: Bath Or Shower 2

There are obvious pros and cons to each and really, it’s a matter of personal preference. If you’re on the fence about whether baths or showers are better, there are some easy questions you can answer that might make your choice easier:

How Much Time Do You Have?

Most of us hop in the shower as it only takes a few minutes and we treasure the short time in our busy schedules. If you find yourself with more time you might indulge in a bath, or have a routine in place where you start filling it while you do other tasks. Baths are better for those with a lot of time and the ability to relax.

What Are Your Daily Activities?

What you do each day might lead you towards one or the other. Those who work out hard, have intense jobs, or have a lot of dirt to remove will prefer a shower. People who need to unwind and won’t make a lot of mess might prefer a bath.

Is There A Specific Reason For Your Shower/Bath?

Think about why you’re having a bath and let that point you in the right direction. Baths are great for relaxation and comfort, recovering from injuries, or just getting away. Showers are perfect for convenience, in-depth body care routines, or invigoration.

Are You Environmentally Conscious?

If you care about saving water, a shower is usually the way to go. You can use a water saving shower head and time your showers for under five minutes to save resources. For families with children, bathing all kids together in a bath would be the better approach.

Making Hygiene Enjoyable

The Ultimate Question: Bath Or Shower 3

If you’re one of the lucky people who have access to a bath and shower at home, you have the luxury of mixing things up. There might be some days where you crave the high pressure and massage of a showerhead, and others where you want to unwind and drift off laying in a hot bath.

There are some things that make one choice better than the other, so you’ll have to determine what fits with your lifestyle. Whichever option you choose though, there are simple adjustments you can make that will turn your bath and shower time into something out of this world, so keep these in mind.

High-pressure shower heads, bath products, and the right setup in the bathroom are just a few ways you can turn things around and make both options attractive.

Considering how much time we spend getting clean each day, week, or year, it makes sense to invest in some small changes for the bathroom that will make your bath or shower routine that much more enjoyable.



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