Sometimes in life, it’s all about the little things. You might not realize it, but making one small change in your daily routine could make a huge difference in how you feel. If you’ve been looking for a little more comfort and luxury in life, the simple change of treating yourself to new bath towels could actually make a major difference.

We often take bath towels for granted and could go years using old, tired or ratty towels that don’t bring us any joy. Baths and showers are small times each day we can really treat ourselves and having a luxury bath towel to dry off with when you’re done can really change the outlook of your entire day.

If you already know that your bathroom is in need of some new towels but don’t know where to begin, this comprehensive buying guide is for you.

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We’ll show you some of the best quality bath towels on the market and the best value for money, so you can give your life this simple little upgrade that will have a huge effect on not only how you look and feel, but your bathroom décor as well.

With so many different materials and styles to choose from, you want to be sure you’re getting the right one. We can show you all of the features to look for in a bath towel to suit your needs and why choosing quality really matters with this home accessory.

We spend so much of our lives in the shower or having a bath, and when we’re not in there under the water, our bathroom is a focal point of our home. Choosing the right towel is important then, and we’ve gone through many of the best bath towels reviews to find the best picks in both luxury and quality.


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Best Luxury Bath Towels

If you’re someone who wants the best of the best and prefers to feel as if they’re in a five-star salon when they use their towel, you’ll need luxury. These are the best-rated bath towels for those who prefer the finer things in life and like a soft, fluffy towel to dry off with.

Winner: Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Bath Towels

If you’re wondering the best place to buy bath towels, most people won’t shop for any towels that weren’t made with Turkish cotton.

Known to be extremely soft and luxurious, it’s what Chakir Turkish Linens makes all of their products with, including these incredibly popular set of four Luxury Bath Towels.

These towels feel exactly like the ones you use in a fancy hotel or premium spa, so you can easily transform your own home into this same type of setting.

They’re made with pure Turkish cotton and incredibly soft, with 700+ GSM in terms of rating, so every time you wrap yourself up in one it’ll feel like heaven.

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 3

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The dimensions of these towels are 27 x 54 inches so they’re pretty standard, and you’ll get four in a set. Some customers have requested that the next line be a little larger, but it all depends on your personal preference for size.

They have a range of colors to choose from that will suit most decors including bold choices like navy blue and lavender, or you could get yourself a few different sets to mix things up a bit.

According to the reviews, these are some of the closest towels that you’ll get to a hotel towel, so if that’s the style you’re looking for then you’ll be impressed. They’re extremely fluffy and soft, and not really the stiffer feel that some people prefer. This is all thanks to the plush Turkish cotton used and the high quality of Chakir Turkish Linen’s range.

Some customers mentioned that you’ll need to give the towels a few washes before they really start to get their absorbency. Compared with most that usually require just one wash, you need to be prepared to spend some time getting them just right.

What you wash them with will also affect how they feel, and most people use their dryer to get the plushness at its maximum.

The price for these towels is quite reasonable at around $10 per towel when you purchase the set. However, Chakir Turkish Linen offers no warranty or guarantee of quality so you’ll have to take the risk that they’re going to be a worthwhile investment. When it comes to affordable luxury towels though, they’re definitely the best.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

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Runner-Up: Pinzon Organic Bath Towels

If you’re someone who wants luxury above all else but also prefers to shop for organic products, this is the perfect towel to meet you half way.

Pinzon has created this range of organic bath towels for people who only want to use the most natural and chemical free linens for their family, but they also come with a high level of luxury as well.

These towels come in a set of four and there are 10 natural shades to choose from. Measuring 30 x 56 inches, they’re actually larger than most standard bath towels. With a luxury rating of 700 GSM, you can rest assured that you’re getting the VIP treatment every time you step out of the bath.

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 5

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Some customers weren’t happy with this fact and found they didn’t fit on their bathroom towel rack, but it’s a small price to pay to have a generously sized towel that feels this luxurious. Made in India with organic cotton, they feel quite heavy and are some of the best absorbent bath towels you can buy at this price, so if you enjoy a thick towel then this is the way to go.

Thanks to the organic nature of these towels, they’re a great pick for the best baby bath towels as well. You can feel safe knowing that your baby’s soft skin is being cared for delicately because of how soft they are and the natural quality with which they’re made. For adults, the benefits of this softness can also be felt, but it’s especially ideal for little ones.

One downside that people noticed was that the towels started to lose some of their colors after a few months. While it didn’t affect the actual feel of the cotton, it was disappointing to find that they looked a bit faded and dated before the end of the first year, which doesn’t do a lot when you’re trying to improve your bathroom décor.

The Pinzon Organic Bath Towles are reasonably priced for such good quality cotton, and they work out around $9 a towel. They offer a total range of organic linen to match these so you can go crazy and get it all if you want to switch to natural products, otherwise, the four pack of towels are a great place to start and see how much luxury they offer.


4 and 1/2 gold star rating out of 5 stars

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Best Quality Bath Towels

If you don’t necessarily need the spa treatment from your towel but you do want a well-made, absorbent, and soft towel to dry off with, these are the way to go. They’re great value for money and luxurious where it counts, so a perfect fit for most households.

Winner: Maura Quality Bath Towel Set

When you take your bath towels very seriously and are happy to spend a little extra to get the absolute best quality, you need to know what are the best bath towels on the market.

Aside from being luxurious, the Maura Four Piece Bath Towel Set is more about quality than anything, and as soon as you feel these towels, you’ll realize why they cost a little more.

Maura is a brand that knows how to make quality linen and they’re trusted around the world. This four piece bath towel set is made with 100% ring spun Turkish cotton and features double stitching on the hems.

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 7

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As far as towels go, you’ll never need to purchase another set if you invest in these, so the initial outlay of money is well worth it for the high quality you’ll get.

If you’re someone who prefers to put their towels in the dryer, you can expect a lot of lint to get lost with these. They usually wash better when they’re air dried so consider that if you prefer the convenience of the dryer because they’ll fill up your lint tray with quite a bit which ultimately takes away from the softness of the towel.

Maura takes care to make their towels naturally, and they use ethically farmed long staple cotton and have been certified to show that no harmful chemicals are used in their construction. If you’re looking for quality towels for all members of the family or just want something that’s natural and feels good, these are by far the best on the market.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 4

Runner-Up:  Cotton Craft Extra Large Bath Towels

Cotton Craft is a brand that knows how to make gorgeous gifts from cotton, and they have a huge selection of different bath towels to choose from.

In terms of quality though, their best towels are these Oversized Bath Towels because they retail for around $8 each and will last your home comfortably for years to come.

These are some of the best quick dry bath towels around so if your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have a lot of flowing air or natural dry then they’re ideal. Within just a few hours they’ll be dry again and ready for your next shower, and there’ll be no fear of stepping out and having to dry off with a damp towel.

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 9

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Cotton Craft has made these towels with 100% ring spun cotton and with a rayon band. It’s super absorbent and soft to the touch, but not overly luxurious.

Some customers have found these to be more rugged than plush, so if you prefer something super soft then you’ll want to keep shopping. Those who like a stiffer feel to their towel and more durability though, you’ll definitely appreciate their texture.

The size of these towels also sets them apart and they’re big enough to suit all shapes and sizes. With a 30” x 54” shape, you could even use them as a beach towel if you wanted to, and then save a set of four just for home. However, you dry off, there’s certainly ample room to wrap yourself up completely and feel the heaviness of the 22-ounce towel around you.

These are a little cheaper than most so while the quality is good, they’re not as good as the more expensive brands. However, for those shopping on a budget who still want something that’s going to last, you can trust that Cotton Craft is able to deliver.

The color options are somewhat limited compared to other brands but they have all of the basic shades that you’d expect. If you want a little more brightness or color in your bathroom décor, you probably won’t be thrilled by anything here as most of them are quite neutral.

In all other aspects though, the Cotton Craft Oversized Bath Towel Set is great value for money and super absorbent to get you dry quickly whenever you step out of the shower.


4 and 1/2 gold star rating out of 5 stars

Must Have Features When Shopping For Bath Towels

Some people don’t give much thought to their bath towels and might even use older ones that have been handed down by someone else. However, when you actually invest in a quality bath towel and feel the difference, you’ll realize why it’s so important.

Choosing the right towel is a matter of knowing which features are important to you, so you’ll want to consider all of these to get the perfect fit.


Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 10

The most common type of material used in bath towels is cotton, but sometimes there may be others like rayon. Cotton can be locally sourced or imported from places like Turkey or India where their product is high. Again, how the cotton is used and treated will also have an impact on its feel and quality, so educate yourself about what the different types are.


The size of the towel may not be important to everyone, but if you have a preference for larger towels you’ll definitely need to know. Most standard towels measure 27” x 54” and an oversized towel is classed as 30” x 54”. If you do choose larger towels, make sure your drying rack can accommodate them otherwise they won’t dry evenly.

Number In Set

While you can purchase bath towels as singles, it works out better in terms of money and consistency in style if you get a set. Four towels are normally found in a set but you can always find more and save money when you purchase them in bulk.

Some sets come with other pieces of linen, like wash cloths and bath sheets, so if you want the matching look then this is worth considering.


The color of your towel will set the mood in your bathroom but can also have some effect on your own mood as well. Keep in mind that brightly colored towels may require extra care to keep their brightness, so be prepared to wash more gently.

Absorption Power

There are two types of towel usually, one is more rigid and quickly soaks up all of the water and the other is fluffy and soft without as much absorbency. Most people know if they’re partial to softness or hardness so use your own preference to guide you.

Practicality And Luxury In One

Best Bath Towels Buying Guide 11

With the right towels hanging in your bathroom, you’ll have peace of mind that every time you step out of the bath or shower, you’re going to be enveloped in comfort.

There’s nothing worse than drying off with a subpar towel or finding that your towel is still damp even after drying all day, and these are things you don’t have to worry about when you choose something of high quality.

Whether you prefer luxurious and plush towels that make you feel like you’re at a spa or prefer something soft yet durable that will last for many years, there are so many great options out there. Think about your personal needs for a towel and what the other members of your household prefer, and you’ll find that your search becomes a little easier.

It might not seem like much to get a new set of bath towels but once you feel the difference they make you’ll wonder why you put it off so long. With the right towels, you can improve the look and feel of your home, but more importantly, give yourself a special treat every single time you step out of the bath or shower.






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