There’s nothing more important to us than our health, but finding the time to keep track of how our bodies are doing can be just another thing added to our busy lives. One of the biggest tells of our health condition is our weight, and whether you’re over, under, or in the healthy range, it’s something you should be aware of.

The importance of weight is something that we all recognize and why most bathrooms have their own scale. Bathroom scales are a quick and easy way to get a snapshot of your health and see how you’re tracking, whether you have fitness goals, are trying to reach a certain weight for health reasons, or just like to know how you’re going.

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There are still some great mechanical scales on the market but the growing trend seems to be digital scales. With so many features and functions compared to the devices of the past, finding the best bathroom scales that suit your needs and home can be a little overwhelming.

This buying guide can walk you through everything you need to consider when shopping for the best home bathroom scale. We’ve also got some great recommendations in all types of categories and budgets, so once you figure out what you want, we can show you exactly which one would suit you best.

There’s no definitive answer for what is the best bathroom scale, due to the many different types that are made these days. Whether you want the best analog bathroom scale or something high tech and digital, we’ve found the best sellers and top rated in every category. Check out our top picks to see which one could help you reach your health and fitness goals.


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Best Digital Bathroom Scale: Etekcity Bathroom Scale

Some people get an idea in their head about digital bathroom scales and expect them to be jam-packed full of features and almost like a digital personal trainer.

If the thought of a device like this puts you off, you’ll want a reliable and simple digital scale like the Etekcity Bathroom Scale.

This scale might be digital but it doesn’t mean it’s confusing or has too many features to keep track of.

It shows you your body weight on a large LCD display that’s easy for everyone to read, and would especially be helpful for the elderly or those who have trouble reading the screens on standard scales.

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There’s no BMI or muscle mass, just your weight, so if you need something more detailed you’ll need a smart scale.

There are four precision sensors on this scale so you’re guaranteed accurate results whenever you step on. It measures in increments of .2lbs which means very detailed readings that you can use to keep track of your health and fitness goals. As long as the product is new and the batteries are still working, it’s a very reliable system to use.

Etekcity has covered this product with a 12-month warranty, and if you notice that after that time your numbers aren’t consistent, you’ll need to replace it.

Obviously, you’d hope that the scale would last longer than that, but there have been some reviews who claimed the numbers started acting up after a couple of years. Consistency is key when weighing yourself, so this isn’t something you’d just put up with.

The platform of this digital scale is larger than most and it measures around 14” x 12”. This means bodies of all shapes and sizes can stand comfortably on it, and the maximum weight capacity it holds is 440lb. Etekcity also includes a measuring tape with the scales so you can get accurate body measurements that can further help you stay on track.

This is definitely one of the easiest to use scales around, with every little thing seemingly thought of. It has round edges, thick tempered glass on the platform, and shows your numbers the second you stand on it.

There’s no waiting around and flashing lights or numbers as you try to make sense of it, so for those who want absolute simplicity then this is the way to go.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

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Best Smart Bathroom Scale: Withings Digital Scale

Technology has improved almost every accessory or gadget in the home, and that’s evident when you look at the Withings Digital Scale.

This is no ordinary scale and it can do a whole lot more than just tell you your weight, so if you prefer the digital and futuristic touch when it comes to your homewares, this is the best one around.

The Withings Digital Scale has all of the fancy bells and whistles you could hope for and is more than just a measuring device. It connects with your phone through a Wi-Fi signal and can even be connected to your smart home devices so that it syncs entirely with the rest of your life and house.

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It is compatible with over 100 apps that have to do with health and fitness as well, so you can use it with just about everything.

Withings has created an app to be used with this scale and while it sounds good in theory, it still needs a lot of work. Many customers were unhappy with the app and found that it actually brought the entire product down, so they chose to delete it and use something else. Until they manage to iron out the bugs in the software, this is probably the best option.

This scale can show you your weight in lbs, body fat percentage, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass. As far as other scales go, it will give you a far more detailed picture of your health and can show you how you’re tracking in your fitness goals, like if you want to lose more body fat or build up your muscle.

If you live in a house where everyone likes to use the scale, you’ll be seriously impressed by the Withings Digital Scale. You’ll get to program up to eight different users and the scale will record all of their individual data. Better yet, it will instantly recognize you when you stand on the platform, so it’s quite futuristic in that regard.

There are plenty of other cool features to brag about, including a nutrition tracker that shows you how many calories you should be eating a day, or a weather forecaster that can let you know conditions outside.

If you love high tech gadgets and want as many functions as possible, the Withings Digital Scale is certainly the way of the future and the best-rated bathroom scale for smartness.


4 and 1/2 gold star rating out of 5 stars

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Best Mechanical Bathroom Scale: Kinlee Analog Scale

Sometimes the old way is still the best way, and if you’re looking for the best basic bathroom scale in an analog style, this is our top pick.

The Kinlee Analog Scale might run mechanically, but it looks modern and sleek and would be the perfect fit for just about any bathroom décor.

This is a stylish yet simple bathroom scale, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap.

Thanks to the high quality of the craftsmanship and polished stainless steel look, it will cost a little more but you’ll get a whole lot of use out of it.

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Kinlee offers a five-year limited warranty on this scale which is more than most digital types, so something to keep in mind if you’re looking to save money over time.

Compared to the last version of this scale, Kinlee took on their customer’s suggestions and made the numbers on the dial easier to read. With better readability and easy to use display, this is the perfect scale for those who want simplicity and would rather not be bogged down with a whole lot of unnecessary functions.

One area where this scale lacks is the weight capacity, and when compared to other models it’s a lot less. The maximum weight it can read is 350lbs which is almost 100lbs less than others. If you’re larger than this, you’ll need to choose something more suited to your body type, as this one only has quite a small range.

The small features are what make this a great option and our best analog scale bathroom device. It features a textured rubber mat that keeps you stable and steady, unlike most digital models that can get quite slippery.

It’s 13.4 inches in size which is perfect and has an easy to read display, and because you don’t rely on batteries there’s no worry that it’ll stop working on you.

Like all other analog scales, you’ll need to spend some extra time at the setup stage to ensure it’s got the right weight reading. Digital scales can usually do this for you, but you may need to adjust this scale from Kinlee to get the correct measurements.

Once this is done, the ​Kinlee Analog Scale​ will serve you and your family well for many years, with the simplicity and reliability that only these types of scales can offer.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

Best Home Bathroom Scale: EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale

When it’s time to get a new home bathroom scale, there are some people who don’t want to spend a lot on the purchase.

If you don’t take your weight too seriously but just want something reliable, affordable, and easy to use in your bathroom, you’ll love everything about the EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale.

This is the cheapest bathroom scale that is still good quality, and that’s evidenced by the two-year warranty that EatSmart offers.

This beats even some of the more expensive brands around so it shows that you don’t need to be expensive just to be well made.

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If you like to get a lot of data from your scale and want to know things like your muscle mass or BMI, you won’t be thrilled with this. It shows your weight and goes up in .2lbs increments, and nothing else, so if you want the bells and whistles you’ll have to spend a lot more money than this.

The EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale has a great design that means it’s large in space to stand on but sleek in its feel. It has a 15” wide platform which means room for all sizes and even for those with extra-large feet.

The weight capacity is 440lbs which is another bonus, as some digital scales struggle to get up to these numbers, making it suitable for more types of users. Some users have found inconsistencies with their scales especially when they moved them to another area in the bathroom.

Although this seems somewhat common, according to EatSmart it’s a faulty scale, and they have gladly replaced many customers with a new model that doesn’t appear to have this problem. In terms of customer service, they definitely know how to keep people happy.

This is a super easy scale to use in all aspects, from the large 4.3” LCD display that shows your weight to the easy step on function. As soon as you stand on the scale, your number will appear, so there’s no need to wait around or press it first just to get your reading, which can be quite annoying with digital scales.

If you’re after an affordable bathroom scale that doesn’t get bogged down with unnecessary features, the EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale is a great option. It has a lengthy warranty period, great reviews, and couldn’t be easier to use, so it ticks all of the boxes for what every bathroom needs from a quality scale.


4 and 1/2 gold star rating out of 5 stars

What Features To Consider When Choosing A Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales used to be a lot easier to buy when there weren’t so many options, but they didn’t have the quality or functionality that scales of today offer. To determine if a scale is right for you, these are some of the features you’ll want to look at so that you can choose the perfect fit.


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The size of your scale will include a few things: the screen size, standing platform, and overall size of the device. Think about how much space you have, your own body’s needs, and whether you can read the numbers with ease, and this will push you in the right direction.

Weight Limits

Knowing your own weight will show you which scales are more likely to suit. For people who are heavier and need something with a larger weight capacity, digital scales are usually better as they are capable of reaching up to 440lbs and sometimes further.


Some argue that digital is more precise than analog, but it all comes down the quality of the scale. Perform regular checks to ensure your scale is showing consistent readings otherwise, it will be hard to track your progress.


The two common design features are digital and analog. Most people will have a preference, usually, those who like simpler things will go with analog over digital, and vice versa.

Smart Features

Newer models of scales come with smart functions like the ability to sync up with other apps and devices around the home. This can help people with strict goals and plans and keep them on the right track.

Additional Features

In addition to showing your body weight, some scales have extra features available. You can check your BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other bits of data, which can all help give you a clearer picture of your body composition.

The Best Health Accessory For Your Bathroom

The Buying Guide To The Best Bathroom Scale 10

Our weight can tell us so much about our health, and having a bathroom scale has been a staple in the American household for as many years as they’ve been invented.

Whether you like to weigh yourself religiously in an effort to meet your fitness goals or just want to keep a check on how your body is doing now and then, a scale is a simple health tool that can help you do it.

As you can see, the market for bathroom scales has exploded and there are now more options than ever. While it’s great to have all of these choices, it does make it harder when you’re in the market for a new one, as you really have to think about what you want this bathroom accessory to do for you.

Some people might like to have in-depth data about their body and others just want a snapshot. However you choose to use your bathroom scales is up to you, but there’s no denying that it’s a must-have accessory for every American home.






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