If there’s one thing that can cure an aching body or help you unwind mentally after a long day, it has to be a hot bath. The second you submerge yourself into the water you feel your troubles melt away, but what if there were special bath products that could make them even more enjoyable and relaxing?

Cannabis bath products are having a huge moment and whether it’s CBD bath salts or a marijuana bath soak, we’re seeing the natural plant featured in so many of them.

As we learn more about the benefits of cannabis on the body and mind and states around the country begin to relax their laws, it’s clear that these types of bath products are only going to get bigger. The effects of using quality cannabis bath soaks and other related products include muscle relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, and no more headaches.

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In its purest form, cannabis oil is great for the body and helps to remove dirt and impurities while keeping the skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Shopping for these products, especially if it’s your first time, can be a little daunting though, as it’s hard to know exactly what you’re in the market for.

This buying guide is here to show you some of the best-rated cannabis bath products around and what you should be looking for when you buy them. With a better understanding of what quality looks like, you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits and have an experience in your bath that you’ve never felt before.

We could show you the best cannabis bath bombs or other crazy products, but if you’ve never tried these types of products before then you’ll want to start somewhere simple. These have plenty of benefits and work just like other relaxation bath products, so check out our recommendations for the best around.


Buying Guide For The Best Cannabis Bath Products 2

Best Cannabis Soap

Starting with a cannabis soap is a great way to enjoy the benefits of these natural products and see what you like. Once you’ve had a quality soap, you might want to take your marijuana bath experience to a new level, but a bar of natural soap is the best place to start.

Winner: Lucky Franc’s Soap On A Rope

Soap on a rope is such a practical bath product but one that you don’t see many people using these days.

This innovative Soap on a Rope from Lucky Franc’s is an all-natural way to enjoy the practicality of the design, but with all of the best natural ingredients that are perfect for your skin.

With a 6.5 oz weight, there’s ample soap to last you for many months and your skin will surely thank you for it.

This soap is marketed towards men but there would be nothing stopping women from enjoying its benefits as well.

Buying Guide For The Best Cannabis Bath Products 3

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It has a natural citrus and menthol scent that certainly sounds masculine, but judging from the reviews this was quite gentle and would work well for women too, so there’s no need to discriminate.

Lucky Franc’s Soap on a Rope consists of some key ingredients that give it its natural charm, with the main one being natural hemp/cannabis oil. The power of the cannabis oil means you’re getting a deep clean beneath the skin, removing dirt, but also hydrating so it won’t dry you out like traditional soap bars do.

Some customers were a little shocked at the tingling feeling they felt when washing with this, and that’s all thanks to the menthol ingredients. Try to avoid getting it in your eyes as it has the potential to sting, so you’ll need to use some awareness when you’re in the shower.

Having the rope attached is really a genius move, and it’s unclear why there still aren’t more brands out there doing this today. You can easily hold onto the soap and when you hang it up it helps to dry out and not get washed away from water or turn all mushy from sitting in a soap dish. This little feature alone is enough to make any man happy.

Lucky Franc’s take a lot of care when making their products and want all natural ingredients. They’re made in the US and hand cut so that every bar is completely unique. Best of all, they package it in a great box that is perfect to give as a gift or just enjoy for yourself. As far as cannabis bath soaps are concerned, this is by far the best on the market.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

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Runner-Up: The Yellow Bird Soap Bard

If you’re someone who wants only the best natural products on their skin, you’ll appreciate this amazing bar of soap from The Yellow Bird.

It features gentle and natural scents and ingredients, so it’s perfect for all members of the family, and can even be used on your body and face together for great results.

The main scent of this soap is patchouli, and if you’ve never smelled it before you may find that it’s an acquired scent.

If you’re a patchouli love though, you’ll be thrilled about the aromas it gives off and notice that it makes the whole room smell beautiful without being overpowering.

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The hemp oil used in this soap is there for its cleansing power and people found it had great results on their troubled skin. Although most people would use it just for their body, you’ll find amazing results if you wash your face with it and follow up with a toning and moisturizing process afterward, and it’s all thanks to the hemp.

The Yellow Bird makes all of their products n the USA and it’s done with small batch and cold processed methods. This means you’re getting the absolute best in quality but with a slightly higher price tag, however, these costs are fairly typical when you’re shopping for cannabis and hemp bath products.

This natural soap is vegan friendly and made with the highest grade certified organic materials. Even those with sensitive skin will find it easy to use and for people who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, it might even be able to bring you some relief.

According to some of the reviews, this soap can dry your skin out at times. This seems pretty standard for older types of soap but disappointing for one that’s meant to feature cannabis essential oils because you’d expect the hydrating powers to be at work. Be mindful to wash this off careful and avoid the dryness, as this can make matters worse.

If you’ve been wanting to try cannabis bath soaps but wanted something gentle and organic to begin with, the Yellow Bird Soap Bar is the perfect beginner’s choice. With the powers of hemp and patchouli, it will cleanse deeply and hydrate, using only natural and organic ingredients.


4 and 1/2 gold star rating out of 5 stars

Best Cannabis Body Wash

Cheech And Chong Grooming Body Wash

For many people, hearing the name Cheech and Chong automatically causes them to think about marijuana, so it’s natural that they have their own grooming range with these types of products.

The Cheech and Chong Grooming 3-in-1 Body Wash is designed for men but can be used by everyone, and it has the power of hemp seed oil to wash your face, hair, and beard.

The hemp seed oil in this wash is what cleanses your skin and it works with Vitamin E to nourish it as well.

Having both of these together means it’s not only good for your sensitive skin but shampoos and conditions your hair.

Buying Guide For The Best Cannabis Bath Products 6

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If you have a beard, you’ll notice that it’s instantly softer after just one wash as well. If you prefer a more natural bathing experience, you might want to consider one of the hemp soaps.

While this body wash features many great natural ingredients, the smell seems to be almost synthetic which takes away some of that natural feeling of it. If you don’t mind a slightly synthetic aroma that still smells amazing, this won’t be an issue.

Having this product in your shower has so many benefits, and mainly they’re to do with convenience. You won’t’ have to use a handful of different products and it’s great to travel with and save space. When you find something that works on all parts of your body like this, you want to hold onto it and never let it go.

The Cheech and Chong Grooming 3-in-1 Body Wash also features ingredients that are meant to thick your beard and hair. While this might sound good for men, women using the product may want to stay away, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time shaving their legs and underarms.

This is a great place to start for those wanting to test out the powers of cannabis in the shower and will give you a feel for the natural ingredient. Cheech and Chong Grooming produce all of their products with this powerful natural source, so if you find that you enjoy it, there are plenty more to try.


5 gold star rating out of 5 stars

Buying Guide For The Best Cannabis Bath Products 4

What Do You Need To Look For When Buying Cannabis Bath Products?

Buying bath products is usually pretty easy; we look around the supermarket shelves until we find one that stands out and then that’s the end of it.

Shopping for something specific like cannabis bath products requires some more thought though, especially as you usually have to shop online to get it. Think about these features when looking for your next cannabis and see what difference they make:

How Does It Clean?

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There are two main products, the bar of soap and shower gel. Hemp is a natural cleanser and can be ideal at getting into pores, but you’ll usually find another active ingredient that does most of the cleansing while hemp is more hydrating.

What Is The Hemp Content?

How much hemp is in a product will determine the effects it has. It may be the main ingredients or used in conjunction with other things like essential oils, vitamin E, and herbs and flowers.

Is It Organic?

Some might not care about the organic status of their bath products, but if you do then you’ll need to check that they’re certified. It’s easy enough for brands to make claims without any backup so many sure you can find proof.

Where Is It Made?

Hemp and cannabis aren’t grown all over the world, and for most people, they prefer their products to be made here in the USA. There are plenty of great local brands who grow and make their own cannabis bath products and choosing them usually indicates better quality.

Who Is It For?

Most bath products are marketed at certain types of skin or needs. Make sure you choose a product that meets your skin type and doesn’t have anything that might irritate your existing conditions.

A Natural Way To Enjoy Your Bath

We’re just learning about all of the benefits that hemp, marijuana, cannabis and related plants can have on our mental and physical health. It makes sense then that we could start to see more of these natural ingredients in our everyday products, including those we use in the bath.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cannabis bath products and they’re a great place to start for those who are new. If you’re interested in using a natural wash or soap for your body and already know the amazing benefits that cannabis offers when used on the skin, you’ll want to jump right in and start treating yourself to the best.





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