The bathroom is a place where we come to rejuvenate ourselves, get clean, relax, feel beautiful, or prepare for the day. Due to its many roles and purposes, it makes sense that your bathroom should look the part.

Renovating bathrooms is costly though, and not many people have the time or money to give these spaces a totally new look. However, with a few DIY bathroom decorations that you can make yourself at home, you’re able to transform the look and feel of your favorite space of the house and give it a completely new style.

Having a bathroom that looks good will make it feel good as well, and every time you’re in there you’ll notice the change that these simple bathroom decorations made. These DIY bathroom decorations ideas couldn’t be easier to pull off but they’ll make a huge impact, so choose a few that suit your style and get to work giving your bathroom a total makeover.

DIY Rustic Towel Rack

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A towel rack can really transform the look of your bathroom and give you somewhere to hang your towels, making it a perfect rustic bathroom decoration. This simple towel rack project can be modified to suit however many towels you have and whether you want to incorporate hand towels as well. Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A 10ft piece of wood cut to size (about 4ft for towel and 1ft for hand towel);
  • Sandpaper and varnish;
  • Decorative hook;
  • Long screw;

After your wood has been cut to size, you can then sand down the edges and apply a varnish of your choice. Let this dry completely before moving on, but you can mark where on the wall you’re going to put the towel rack in the meantime.

Use your pencil to mark the position where the long screw will come through the wood and penetrate the wall, and this screw will also be used to keep the decorative hook in place. Line everything up once it’s been measured and drill the long screw through the hook and wood into the wall.

Simple Floating Shelves

How To Guide: DIY Bathroom Decorations 2

Floating shelves look great and they’re also practical which make them the perfect DIY job and something that will add a lot of value to the room. These are like bathroom wall decorations that you can use to store things that you’ll actually use so they serve two purposes. You can choose as many shelves as you want, but to make just one you’ll need:

  • Sandpaper and varnish (optional);
  • ¾” wood screws;
  • 2 x 4” corner braces
  • 2x10x30” inch plank of wood;

Before starting, you may want to sand and varnish the wood, depending on what type of cut you have and give it adequate time to dry before you begin. Measure up on your wall where you want the wood to go and use a level to ensure it’s correct.

Attach the corner braces and wood screws, one on each end, and drill them into the wall. Sit the wood onto the braces and check with your level that it’s even.

Hanging Shell Art

How To Guide: DIY Bathroom Decorations 3

Many bathrooms love the ocean décor and there’s no need to spend a lot of money to get it. You can make your own shell art to hang in the bathroom and give it that beachside vibe that’s really popular. All you need is:

  • 6” square wood canvas;
  • Shells (can be real or manmade)
  • Craft glue
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brush

Choose a color of acrylic that suits the ocean theme, like yellow or blue. Paint your canvases with the acrylic paint and then leave to dry. For a better effect, three canvases are ideal but with a different shell on each. Once completely dried, use the craft glue to stick the shells in the center of the piece and then hang.

Bathroom Ladder

How To Guide: DIY Bathroom Decorations 4

The bathroom ladder is a great rustic accessory that suits all types of bathrooms. You can use it to hang your towels or hand towels on, or just leave it bare. Find an old wooden ladder that’s been abandoned and set up all of your materials to upcycle it back to life:

  • Sandpaper/electric sander
  • Varnish
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Sugar soap

Clean the wooden ladder using a mixture of sugar soap and warm water, as this will protect it. Leave it to dry for a few days out of direct sunlight and then move to somewhere you can start sanding it. Sand back until it looks clean and smooth, with no splinters on the surface. Apply a coat of varnish or leave the ladder if you wish, and then repeat a second once it’s dried.

Make Your Own Shower Curtain

How To Guide: DIY Bathroom Decorations 5

If you’ve ever shopped for a new shower curtain you’ll know how limited the designs can be. It seems that nobody has made a new shower curtain in decades and the patterns and colors are all outdated. Thankfully, you can make your own shower curtain that suits your décor and shows off your creative side, and you don’t need much at all.

  • White shower curtain
  • Large yarn needle
  • Medium gauge yarn (at least two colors)
  • Disappearing ink pen

Create a design on a piece of paper and sketch out something cool you could sew onto the shower curtain with the colors of yarn you’ve chosen. Using a disappearing ink pen, mark out the design onto the shower curtain.

Sew the yarn into the curtain to create a basic pattern and then iron it down so that it sticks. Leave it to set for at least 48 hours, or until the ink has disappeared, and then hang and spot clean as required.



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