Cannabis has certainly come a long way from the days of old where people only thought of it as something used to get high. These days, we understand that there are many therapeutic benefits of cannabis when used the right way, and one of them is with a marijuana bath bomb.

Cannabis bath bombs feature all of the usual ingredients you’d find in these products, but with the added bonus of THC or CBD oil. With the CBD oil, you’re able to get relief for aching joints, sore muscles, and help yourself to relax, and once you’ve tried a bath bomb with this miracle ingredient you’ll never want to turn back.

Learning how to make a bath bomb is super easy and it will save you a lot of money as well. To take your bath time experience to a whole new level and feel what amazing effects this amazing natural source has to offer, follow our simple recipe to make your very own.

Why Cannabis Is So Popular These Days?

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Cannabis is a type of plant, also known as marijuana, that holds many psychoactive properties. Although people used to smoke or ingest the plant to feel intoxicated, it was discovered that extracting the oil could actually lead to many health benefits without any of this intoxication.

These days, cannabis oil and tinctures are used for all kinds of things like anxiety, muscle ache, injuries, headache, and relaxation. Using a bath bomb with marijuana oil for pain reduces the chance you’ll have to rely on harsh medications and treat your ailments in a completely safe and natural way and it’s incredibly affordable.

With everything we’re now learning about cannabis, it seems to be appearing in all kinds of products. There are balms, oils, tinctures, gels, creams, drops, and bath and beauty products, so getting started with your own cannabis bath bomb is the perfect way to introduce yourself to its powers.

How To Make A Cannabis Bath Bomb

There’s no need to spend a fortune buying a cannabis bath bomb when you can easily follow a bath bomb recipe to make one for yourself. If you like DIY projects or just want to save some money, this simple tutorial can walk you through making a bath bomb so you can enjoy the fruits of your own labor.


  • Bath bomb molds (this recipe makes one)
  • 4 oz baking soda
  • 2 oz Epsom salt
  • 2 oz corn starch
  • 2 oz citric acid
  • 1.5 teaspoons water
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil
  • ¼ teaspoon CBD infused tincture or oil
  • 1 teaspoon food color powder


  • Using a large glass bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients together, but leaving out the food color powder. Mix with a metal whisk
  • Mix the liquid ingredients together in a small dish or shot glass
  • Add the liquid to the dry ingredients, being careful to pour slowly and whisk as you go. If you find the mixture bubbling too much, you need to slow down
  • Test a small amount of the mixture once it’s been stirred completely and if it feels like the texture of damp sand, this is right. Squeeze your hand and it should stick together in one large piece. If it’s not damp enough, add a couple of drops of water at a time and stir again
  • Once you’ve found the perfect consistency, you can add your color powder and mix
  • Open the mold, and fill each half so that it’s a little over the top. Try to pack lightly and not too dense. Sprinkle some more of the mixture over each side as this will help them stick together
  • Push the two halves together and hold them tightly in place for a few seconds and then slowly take one side off
  • Put the bath bomb down in a safe space where it won’t be bothered, with the mold side down. Leave it to dry for 20 minutes before removing the other side of the mold. If it falls or breaks, you can reset and pack again
  • When complete, leave the bath bomb to sit on a countertop where it won’t be touched and leave it overnight. Check in the morning that it’s completely stiff and it will be ready to use

Are There Any Side Effects?

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People always want to know does marijuana bath bomb show up on drug tests or will you get high from using them? The short answer is no for both because using these oils and extracts doesn’t feature any of the psychoactive substances found in the plant.

Cannabis bath products contain CBD and not THC, which is the psychoactive part. As long as the products you’re using are just CBD, you won’t get intoxicated from them and will only enjoy the many benefits they have on body and mind.

Bathing in a bath that’s had a cannabis bath bomb means it will soak into your skin and offer relief, but it won’t be entering your digestive system or bloodstream. There’s no need to worry about failing a drug test as you’re not ingesting the plant, and merely using it for its therapeutic benefits.

A New Way To Unwind

Cannabis has been proven to already be so beneficial and a natural alternative for treating so many things. Making your own cannabis bath bombs can be a fun DI project to do but also shine the light on a whole new bath time experience that you can enjoy.

Once you get the hang of making your own bath bombs, you might even like to experiment with different colors, scents, and ingredients. For now, though, this simple marijuana bath bomb recipe will give you the most relaxing bath of your life and the satisfaction that you made it all yourself.



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