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Price Around $27 – Available on
Pros Durable, High accuracy, Large LCD display
Cons Marks on tempered glass
Summary The Etekcity Bathroom Scale is perfect for any active or tranquil lifestyle.
Our Rating 5/5

We all know just how important it is to stay healthy, and one of the easiest ways we can keep track of how we’re doing is with a bathroom scale. These trusty devices have been found in homes for many years and for some people, they’re part of their weekly or daily ritual.

If you’ve tried shopping around for a new bathroom scale recently though, you probably found yourself a little overwhelmed. These days, it’s hard to find a basic digital scale that’s well made and reliable, with so many of them having far too many features or complicated settings that put you off ever stepping on.

For people who prefer simplicity in their home accessories, you need a digital scale that does nothing more than tell you your weight. With this one device, you can keep a track of your health and reach whatever goals you might have for those numbers on the scale, so you really don’t need them to be too complicated.

The Etekcity Bathroom Scale was designed with this type of simplicity in mind and it’s a great choice for people who don’t want all the bells and whistles. If you’re just looking for something basic and digital that can help you keep track of your weight, you’ll want to check out this review to see the good and bad of what it offers.

About The Product

Etekcity Bathroom Scale Review 2

If you ever need electronics for the home or a device to make life a little easier, Etekcity is a brand that can deliver. This company makes products that offer a little bit of technology with a whole lot of convenience, and they’re all reasonably priced to suit the budget of everyone.

The Etekcity Bathroom Scale is a digital scale that comes with the basics and you won’t struggle trying to understand how to use it or read it. This is the perfect addition to a bathroom for people who want to keep track of their weight the easy way and don’t require any other features like BMI or app synchronization.

With a sleek and simple design, you’ll find that this bathroom scale fit flawlessly in with all types of décor. In addition to the stylish looks, the Etekcity Bathroom Scale also comes with the following features:

  • 14” x 12” standing platform for all sizes;
  • Can read measurements from 18 – 440lbs;
  • Increases in 0.2lbs;
  • Round corner design with 6mm thick tempered glass;
  • Automatic functions including calibration, zero, and on/off;
  • Shows weight as soon as you step on;
  • Large 4.3” LCD display with a backlit screen for clarity;

The digital bathroom scale revolution is definitely here but there’s no need to get anything too high tech if you’re not comfortable with it. The Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale ticks all of the boxes for what a reliable bathroom scale should be and makes sure that it’s simple and clear enough for all types of users to enjoy.

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What Customers Are Saying

What makes this a best seller in terms of digital scales is the simplicity of the whole thing. There’s no need to have a digital scale that’s overcrowded with other features as well, and the Etekcity Bathroom Scale is simple enough to show you your weight and nothing else.

You won’t be confused trying to read your BMI or setting up a phone app to sync with, so if you appreciate simplicity then this is the way to go.

The only real negative that people have commented on with this scale is how the tempered glass shows up marks. If you’re a bit of a clean freak, you’ll need to wipe it down constantly as it easily shows smears or stains, even from just standing on it.

Other than this minor design function it seems most customers are thrilled with the scales. One thing they really like is the consistency of the scale and how, unlike others on the market, it always shows the exact same number no matter how many times you stand on it to test it out. If you’ve been burned by inaccurate scales in the past then you’ll really appreciate this feature.

Buying Advice

Etekcity Bathroom Scale Review 3

If you want to start keeping track of your weight and improving your health, you can get the Etekcity Bathroom Scale today through Amazon.

This is one of their best selling products in the digital bathroom scale range so you can take the word of others that’s it’s a worthwhile purchase. Better still, the scale costs just over $25 which is pretty great value, and there’s an additional 5 percent off coupon you can use at the checkout.

Amazon offers free shipping usually on purchases over $35 so unless you buy two, you’ll need to pay a few extra dollars to have it sent to your house. Otherwise, members of Amazon Prime will get theirs shipped for free thanks to their subscription, and have the scales arrive within just 48 hours.

Etekcity offers a one-year limited warranty for this device, and this length seems pretty standard for digital scales of this price. They give lifetime support on their products though, so even if you’ve passed the warranty period, you’ll still get their assistance should any problems arise. This type of customer service is rare to see but a nice little bonus to consider.

The Verdict

Having a quality bathroom scale that you can rely on to give you consistent readings is a must have in any health-conscious home, and the Etekcity Bathroom Scale is an affordable way to get one. This simple design is all you need for tracking your weight and its stylish look will fit right in with any bathroom décor.

Keeping a track of your weight doesn’t need to be convoluted or hard to read, and this scale has proven it. To add the Etekcity Bathroom Scale to your home and give yourself a regular way to keep your health on track, click on the button below to grab one today.

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