Image of a man falling asleep on the edge of a bathtub. Men were part of a study on hot bath weight loss.

We all love a hot bath to help us relax at the end of a hard day’s work. But did you know that your relaxing evening bath can actually have a wide range of health benefits? It can help combat the effects of skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. It can reduce joint and muscle pain while helping to increase your brain’s production of melatonin so that you can get a good night’s sleep. There are even some who claim that their regular hot bath actually helps them to lose weight. But how accurate are these weight loss claims? Surely, something as mundane as a long soak in the tub can’t really help you to lose weight… Can it?

Hot Bath Weight Loss is Indeed Based on Science

Well, while there’s certainly no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise, regular hot baths certainly can help with weight loss in a number of ways. Scientific studies have demonstrated that hot baths can actually help to combat the causes of obesity like insulin sensitivity and glucose control. Here’s how it works…

Thermal therapy and glycaemic regulation

Tests with rodents and analysis of human data have shown that thermal therapies like hot baths actually have a positive impact on glycemic control which limits the effects of dietary weight gain. Studies also demonstrated that exposure to hot water also aids protein synthesis to help build and maintain lean muscle mass and maintain a healthy and efficient metabolism.

While studies have shown that a hot bath can help with weight loss, further studies are needed to ascertain just how much they can help. But as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, hot baths have a range of other weight loss benefits…

They can ease sore muscles and help you get back to the gym quickly

There’s nothing worse than overdoing it at the gym and barely being able to move much less exercise for a week after. Hot baths after strenuous workouts can help to relax overexerted muscles and help them to become more pliant. So you can get back to the gym quickly with a minimum of downtime.

They relieve stress which can help prevent body fat storage

The stress hormone cortisol has been directly linked to weight gain. The “fight or flight” response of stress causes us to want to replenish nutrition stores leading us not only to “stress eat” but to be more likely to store visceral fat around the belly.

They can help you get a restful night’s sleep

Finally, getting plenty of sleep is a vital part of any weight loss regimen. While you’re sleeping, your body repairs and builds lean muscle mass while metabolizing the nutrition from your food more effectively. Thus, a lack of sleep tends to lead to weight gain. And as previously stated, a hot bath can be the perfect way to drift off to a deep and restful sleep. 

Regular hot baths help us to combat weight gain by combating stress.

So, if you’re thinking of shedding a few pounds, make your bathtub your new best friend. And don;t forget that we’re always on hand to provide everything you need to get the most out of bath time.

TL;DR A hot bath can in fact help you lose weight.

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