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Price Around $14 – Available on
Pros Natural product, Great gift, 100% satisfaction guarantee
Cons Strong scent
Summary Hanging your soap to dry makes it last longer, keeps it dry after use, and keeps it in place where it belongs.
Our Rating 5/5

Let’s face it, men don’t really think showers and luxurious bath accessories are such a big deal, and getting them interested in shower time is a chore in itself. They’ll gladly use the shower but it’s for purely practical purposes, so knowing what products to purchase for them can be tough to do.

Just because they’re not overly interested it doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a nice bit of soap when they try one out. Therefore, you need to find something that’s simple, straight to the point, but nourishing and nice enough to get men excited about spending some ‘me time’ in the shower or bath.

Finding a product targeted to men can be a challenge though, as it tends to be a market with a heavily female-dominated interest. However, there are some brands realizing the hole in the market and coming up with quality bath products that suit all of the requirements of men and what makes them happy when they’re in the shower.

Lucky Franc has created a product that is perfect for men, as it delivers a refreshing and nourishing way to stay clean but packages it all up in a way that the male user would appreciate.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bath product that’s not too frilly or feminine, you’ll want to check out what Lucky Franc has made and see whether it would be right for the male in your household.

About The Product

Lucky Franc’s Soap On A Rope Review 2

Beauty products are a dime a dozen these days, but it’s rare to see a range that is targeted just to the special needs of men like Lucky Franc’s. Lucky Franc’s makes all kinds of hygiene and personal care products, including their wildly popular Soap on a Rope, and they’re made just for the man in your life.

Lucky Franc’s Soap on a Rope is exactly as the name suggests; a piece of soap attached to a rope. It might sound simple but that’s what makes it so great for the man who really doesn’t want anything too fancy when they’re taking a shower or bath.

This soap on a rope offers a little more than your basic type of soap though, so you can enjoy a treat without going over the top. The Soap on a Rope has the following features that might entice the man in your life to enjoy their shower time a little more:

  • Made with all natural hemp/cannabis oil for nourishment;
  • Handmade in the USA;
  • 6.5oz soap bar with a natural cotton rope attached;
  • Menthol and citrus scent;
  • Small gift box ideal for giving to a loved one;

Taking a bath or shower couldn’t be easier with this soap from Lucky Franc’s and because it’s made on a rope, it will actually last longer. Hanging the soap prevents it from getting wet in a soap dish and extend its life by months so you won’t need to buy another for a very long time.

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What Customers Are Saying

The use of hemp oil in this soap means the texture of the soap is perfect and it’s not too oily or too soapy. When compared to products marketed at ladies, it’s definitely the right feel for what men prefer and will get in deep to remove all the dirt they’ve accumulated over the day.

Some users found that the scent of the soap wasn’t too strong, so if you’re someone who prefers an intense aroma you might want to keep shopping. The menthol and citrus scent is definitely obvious without overpowering, so keep this in mind if you think you prefer something stronger.

Having the rope attached might seem like an outdated notion but this design was invented for a reason. Lucky Franc’s promises that using the rope will keep your bar dry whenever it’s not in use which prolongs its life by many months, untimely saving you money.

Buying Advice

Lucky Franc’s Soap On A Rope Review 3

If you know a man, or are one yourself, and they’re sick of feminine made shower products, Lucky Franc’s Soap on a Rope is a must have. To get yourself this ingenious product, head to Amazon for a great price where you’ll pay around $13 for a 6.50z bar. When you think of how much use you’ll get from it compared to regular bars of soap, the value becomes even better.

If you want to save on shipping, stock up on a few more and Amazon will send them for free when you spend over $35. Otherwise, Amazon Prime members will benefit from their regular free shipping discount and the Soap on a Rope will be delivered to your door within two days.

Lucky Franc’s offers a satisfaction guarantee on this soap and all of their other products. If you’re not overly happy with how it washes or think there’s something wrong with it, you can speak to their customer service team and organize for a full refund. You really don’t have anything to lose when you find a deal like this.

The Verdict

It’s no surprise that most men don’t get overly excited about having a relaxing shower, but you can change all of that with Lucky Franc’s Soap on a Rope. With all-natural products like citrus scents and hemp oil, they might come to appreciate just how amazing a hot shower or bath can be.

This soap on a rope is pretty simple, but that’s exactly how men like it. If you’ve been looking for the perfect men’s product to keep in the shower and like to save money in the process, check out Lucky Franc’s Soap on a Rope by clicking on the button below.

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