Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set Review 1

Price Around $45 – Available on
Pros Quality towels, Trendy colors and patterns, Great price
Cons Fraying edges
Summary We’re 100% sure that you’re going to fall in love with this luxury Turkish Towel Sets.
Our Rating 5/5

There are some things in life that are simply worth spending a little bit of extra money to get the best, and for many people, that includes their bath towels. With the right bath towel, you can transform any old home into a luxury spa, and give yourself absolute comfort and perfection whenever you step out of the shower.

Upgrading your entire bathroom is costly but investing in a set of hotel quality luxury towels doesn’t have to be. With the right towel, you can do wonders for your bathroom and make every morning and night something to look forward to as you step out of the shower and into your soft, fluffy towel.

Luxury bath towels are just that, and with higher prices that most they’re a luxury that many people can’t afford. So, if you happen to find a brand that makes luxurious quality towels and manages to do so at a mid-range price, you’ll certainly want to find out more.

Maura has created a range of luxury bath towels that cost a little more than the average towel out there but will feel as though they cost a whole lot more. They’ll instantly transport you to a premium spa or hotel as soon as you wrap it around your body, and you’ll be extremely grateful that you spent a little more for the added pleasure.

About The Product

Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set Review 2

Maura is a luxury towel brand who knows exactly what people want from a premium towel. Their range offers the softest and fluffiest towels with many different designs and styles to choose from. The Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set is a set of four towels that might cost a little more than others but they’re well worth it for the feel of them.

The Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set is a simple way to upgrade your entire home and make your bathroom feel as though it’s a high-class spa or resort. With these four matching towels, you’ll always have one handy to wrap around you as you step out of the bath and shower, putting the perfect finishing touch on the relaxing moment.

These towels are priced in the middle of the market but they feel as though they should be at the top. When you invest in a set of four Maura Luxury Bath Towels, you’ll get such features and benefits as:

  • 9 different stress reducing colors to choose from;
  • Made in Turkey;
  • Color lock technology for many years of use;
  • 30” x 56” measurements;
  • 100% ring spun cotton construction;

If you’re someone who likes the finer things in life but doesn’t necessarily want to spend hundreds of dollars to get a new set of towels, these are the way to meet in the middle. The Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set will instantly transform your bathroom and give your skin the soft and fluffy feel that it deserves after a long day.

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What Customers Are Saying

For the higher price, it’s nice to know that these towels really are as fluffy as the promised. Provided you wash them the right way and do a thorough clean before you start to use them, they will apparently keep this plushness for years to come. This means your investment will certainly pay off with many washes and baths over the years.

What makes these towels so interesting is the color choices used for their range. The choice of colors has all been tested to be ‘stress-reducing’ which comes from the Japanese practice of “Shinrin-Yoku”. This means that after a long day, you’ll feel all of your troubles disappear just by looking at the calming colors of your bath towel.

Some people have mentioned that their edges started to fray after a few months, and this was disappointing given the cost. There is a 60-day money back guarantee from Maura so if you notice that yours are starting to fray during this time you can return them for a complete refund. With a little care when washing, you shouldn’t have any more issues though.

Buying Advice

Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set Review 3

Marua makes luxury Turkish towels and they have only one genuine supplier in the US who sells them through Amazon. Amazon is currently offering a discount on the set of four towels which usually cost around $70 but they have $10 off at the moment. For around $60, it’s excellent value considering the quality and softness of these towels.

Another bonus of buying through Amazon and not another homewares site is that they offer free postage on these towels. If you’re part of their Amazon Prime program you’ll get free shipping delivered within just 48 hours so you won’t have long to wait until you can put these luxury towels to use at home.

As we mentioned earlier, Maura offers a 60-day money back guarantee on the towels. If they arrive and you find that after the first couple of washes they’re still not as soft or absorbent as you want, you can return them with no questions asked and get all of your money back. This will give you great peace of mind that you’re shopping with a premium brand.

The Verdict

If you’re someone who is happy to spend a little more just to get a bit of luxury, you’ll love the Maura Luxury Bath Towel Set listed on Amazon. These are premium quality towels that only cost a fraction more, but for the extra money, they’ll pay you with a whole lot of luxury after every bath or shower.

Sometimes the little things in life are what make all the difference and knowing you have one of these soft towels awaiting you after a tough day could really matter. To get yourself this amazing set of Maura Luxury Bath Towels, click on the button below to check them out.

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