Moen Two Function Rain Showerhead Review 1

Price Around $190 – Available on
Pros Stylish design, Exceptional coverage, Adjustable water flow
Cons Water restrictor
Summary Enjoy a rainshower experience you can control with the Moen Velocity showerhead.
Our Rating 5/5

There are some people who see their daily bath time as just a necessity and they’re in and out quickly. Other people understand just how important it is to take your time and enjoy the showering experience, and they’ll want to do whatever they can to make it perfect.

The most obvious adjustment we can make to our shower is to change the showerhead, giving you more pressure, a wider spray, and a super luxurious experience every time. With the right attachment, you can transform your everyday shower routine into something that rivals a world-class spa, so if you take your bathing seriously then money should be no object.

Most showerheads can offer you greater pressure but not long after they start to fail. If you really want a luxurious shower experience you have to be willing to spend extra to get it and enjoy the latest and greatest technology that bathrooms have.

The Moen Two Function Rain Showerhead is a state-of-the-art showerhead that delivers the most luxurious feeling of water you’ve ever experienced, but it’s only for those with a serious budget to spend. If you’re prepared to spend big for the ultimate rain shower touch whenever you’re having a bath, you’ll want to read on to find out how they achieve it.

About The Product

Moen Two Function Rain Showerhead Review 2

Moen is a brand that deals in luxury and their products cover everything around the home that has to do with water. This brand makes high-end faucets, taps, and showerheads, giving everyday people the chance to live like royalty whenever they turn on the water.

The Moen Rainshower Showerhead is one of their leading products designed to add a touch of luxury to your everyday life. This showerhead is like no other, and while it has the price tag to match, it will deliver you a high-end spa experience every single day and help all of your troubles and stresses melt away as soon as you step underneath it.

This showerhead uses the latest and greatest technology to deliver its stream of water and it’s far more advanced than anything you’ve seen on the market. Choosing this showerhead from Moen might be costly, but you won’t find these features anywhere else:

  • 8-inch rainshower for a thorough rinse every time;
  • Reflective chrome finish in four different styles;
  • A lever lets you adjust the water flow to your needs;
  • Uses Immersion Technology with three times the spray power;
  • 100 nozzles deliver 2.5 gallons of water a minute;
  • Easy cleaning with rubber spray nozzles;
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee from Moen;

If you take your showers very seriously and want the perfect addition to turn your bathroom into a VIP spa treatment room, there’s no better option than the Moen Rainshower Showerhead. This premium attachment will give you greater coverage, water pressure, and style than most on the market, and if you can afford it then it’s definitely worth your while.

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What Customers Are Saying

Having two options for the water pressure is great, and people enjoy switching between the two. The lower pressure is just like standing in the rain and perfect for relaxation purposes where the high pressure setting is better suited for washing your hair.

To get seriously high pressure, you’ll need to remove the water restrictor. While this might seem easy enough, there were some customers who found it difficult and therefore were stuck with the lower pressure. When you’re spending this much money you really want the option to get more power, so this was a bit of a letdown.

With an 8 inch head, it’s got plenty of coverage and ideal for people who really like to spend some time in the shower.

It feels like something you’d see in a boutique spa or five star hotel, and adding this one device to your bathroom can give it a total makeover. If you really appreciate showers for their relaxation and rejuvenation powers, this is a must-have investment.

Buying Advice

Moen Two Function Rain Showerhead Review 3

When you’re ready to take your showers to the next level, you can head to Amazon to grab yourself the Moen Rainshower Showerhead. This amazing device is pretty costly at around $200 but the best price online is through Amazon and also features their free shipping bonus.

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you’ll benefit from 48-hour shipping so within just two days you can be enjoying your premium new shower experience.

Moen is a high end brand and as such, they cover all of their products with a lifetime guarantee. While you might be spending a little more than usual to get this showerhead, you can rest assured it will be a worthy investment because you have this guarantee of quality backing you up.

This would make the perfect gift for a loved one and something they would really get use out of every day, so it’s worth considering. For homes with more than one bathroom, equipping each shower with this attachment will truly transform the value of your home.

The Verdict

Considering we have at least two showers a day, it makes sense to invest in a premium product like the Moen Rainshower Showerhead to make them as enjoyable as possible. With this attachment on your shower, you’ll never have a boring shower again, and will find it very hard to leave each day.

With a huge coverage range and options for the type of water spray you desire, Moen has really made great use out of their Immersion Technology here. If you’re in the market for a high-end shower experience and want something backed by a lifetime guarantee, click on the button below to get your Moen Rainshower Showerhead.

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