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We offer everything that you need and desire to have the most relaxing bathtime experience

Taking a bath is possibly one of the greatest pleasures of life, which is why at Your Bath Expert we are passionate about seeking and reviewing luxury bathroom accessories.

When you ask most people what their favorite room of the house is, the answer usually comes back the same: their bathroom. Whether you live in an apartment and have just a small shower or own a large home with a gloriously sized bathtub…

Fun Facts

According to a survey conducted by Angieslist.com,

  • 66% of people either bath or shower every day!
  • 9% of people, more than once a day
  • 20% of people every other day.

If this is part of our daily lives, why not indulge and make it the best experience possible?

msn.com reports:

  • Women spend 136 days of their lives “getting ready”
  • Men spend 46 days of their lives “getting ready”
  • 4 months of a man’s life is spent shaving
  • Women spend 1.5 years styling their hair

African american toddler in a washbucket bathtub with a rubber duck. He has a cute smile and is holding a rubber duckie washcloth.

…indeed the bathroom is a busy room in the house and many family feuds are about the occupation of the sacred room.

The Health Benefits of Bathtime

Immersing the body in hot water works as a kind of exercise for the blood vessels. This is because water generates physical pressure on the body that increases the capacity of the heart. In other words, when we are in the water, the heart works better and faster. Taking hot water baths two to three times a week is an excellent way to exercise the heart.

Hot Vs Cold Baths

Cold Baths

  • Helps to keep the skin and hair healthy
  • Improves body temperature
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Improves the immune system
  • Clears the mind
  • Stimulates the hormones that work against depression

 Hot Baths

  • Decreases tension
  • Eliminates certain toxins dangerous for the body
  • Relieves colds and flu
  • Helps fight insomnia.
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Works as a nasal decongestant
  • Helps to open pores and cleanse the skin
  • Relieves migraine pain

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How to Make a Relaxing Bath

Add approximately 8 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Lavender oil is known to help induce sleep, and rose oil has a very sweet and pleasant relaxing fragrance. Geranium oil has a comforting fragrance and vanilla oil is another good option since it is cheap and relaxing.

Add all your favourite bathtime products, but do not forget that they have to be natural. You can try bath salts, essences and bath bubbles. You can use shampoo and conditioner to make bubbles, this way you’ll save the time it takes you to wash your hair. Add the bath salts while the tub is filling with water. This way, the salts will dissolve more easily.

Bathtime is probably the most relaxing moment for anyone in the world, especially if it is a hot bath, it does not matter if its summer since it is the warm water that makes us enter that deep state of rest and relaxation.

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