Anti-Ageing Spa Gift Basket

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Dead Sea Spa Gift Basket: the preferred spa gift!
A collection of Castle Baths’ ANTI-AGEING SPA GIFT BASKET natural products, formulated specifically for anti-ageing benefits. Experience the rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea without the jet lag from travelling there yourself!

Treat yourself or a friend to a mini spa vacation to the Dead Sea, minus the jet lag. This exclusive collection of authentic Dead Sea products by Castle Baths’ ANTI-AGEING SPA GIFT BASKET line has helped many people around the world experience the anti-ageing skincare benefits of the Dead Sea. Castle Baths’ Tre’ Yours line of organic spa products was developed from the highest quality vegan ingredients and formulated specifically for maximum anti-ageing benefits. Now, you can receive this exclusive collection of select Tre’Yours products for huge savings over making individual purchases when you purchase this gift basket. This gift basket includes one:

  • 15 oz container of Lavender Seaweed Dead Sea Body Scrub
  • 8 oz container of Authentic Wet Dead Sea Mud
  • Dead Sea Salt Soap Bar
  • Passionate Candle

…all wrapped in an adorable gift basket with a silk flower included.

The Dead Sea Difference:

What’s so special about the mud, salt, and waters of the Dead Sea, you ask? Well, for one, it contains 26 minerals to allow natural skin hydration, tightens and refresh skin, and help you retain Moisture. It’s also an excellent detox skin care solution for your face and your hair too. It removes dirty oils, toxins, and particles to restore radiance and that coveted glow to your skin and absorbs dirt and environmental pollutants lingering in oily complexions. Dead Sea Mud, in particular, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and aids magnesium levels in skin scales & serum levels of psoriasis patients.

Added Bonus:

  • A godsend for those with adult acne!
  • Dead Sea products are made with authentic, pure Dead Sea salts and mud, shipped directly from Israel, and contain large quantities of minerals and antioxidants that are key to fighting signs of ageing
  • Tre’Yours is Castle Baths’ most elite line of organic spa products and is intended for serious home-spa aficionados.

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