Bathsheba Rosewood Rose Sea Salts




Bathsheba Rosewood Rose Sea Salts: a Rose Petal Bath Alternative

Want a home spa rose petal bath alternative? Use Bathsheba Rosewood Rose Sea Salts instead for an equally romantic rose-scented aromatherapy bath. Add in the intrinsic deep-cleansing and restoring powers of Dead Sea Salt, and there’s no doubt that a soak in our Bathsheba Rosewood Rose Sea Salts is well worth your time and money!

Need to revitalize your body, but still, feel like a woman? Try our Bathsheba Dead Sea Bath Salts. Blended with the deep, dark fragrance and herbs of Organic Rose Petals, these exquisitely blended Dead Sea Bath Salts are sure to add a romantic touch to your bath. . . bringing out the total woman in you. Bathsheba Dead Sea Bath Salts offer a truly amazing aromatherapy bath you have to experience in order to fully appreciate, and for less than half the cost of a rose petal bath at your favourite day spa!

  • Bathsheba Aromatherapy Benefits include promoting sensual, romantic, euphoric, and cheering feelings to inspire you with confidence in yourself
  • Dead Sea Salt concentration ten times higher than ordinary sea salt from the ocean – giving you the most mineral skin care benefits for your money
  • Our Bathsheba Dead Sea Bath Salts have a high content of skin-cleansing potassium, magnesium, calcium chloride-and valuable trace minerals that will turn your bath into a silky-soft retreat
  • The Bathsheba Dead Sea Bath Salts are infused with a bounty of sensuous; all-natural floral extracts in our rosewood blend, this soak will leave you feeling romantic and alluring yet respectable!

Tested Research Benefits of DEAD SEA SALT for the SKIN

  • Gentle but effective microdermabrasion
  • Naturally exfoliating without being harsh
  • Eliminates dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin
  • Invigorates your skin’s surface
  • Encourages surface-skin regeneration
  • Softens skin without harsh chemicals
  • Helps make skin appear visibly younger
  • High in free-radical reducing antioxidants

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