Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salts Gift Basket




Say thank you with style when you send someone this Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salts Gift Basket from Castle Baths

The energizing aroma of Eucalyptus in a container of Dead Sea Salts for the Soul – the perfect thank you gift for any occasion

Eucalyptus is a popular scent among men and women and has been around for millions of years. The Essential Oil of Eucalyptus is a natural disinfectant and can be given as a gift for any occasion.

  • This gift bag includes one 16 oz container of Sexy Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salts and one thank you card in a decorative gift bag
  • Thank you card can have a custom handwritten message upon request
  • Dead Sea Salts for the soul contain numerous minerals and antioxidants for anti-ageing benefits

DID YOU KNOW? Important, please read!

While all of our products are cancer-free and do not cause birth defects, we do want to acknowledge that the Essential oil of Eucalyptus is on the “do not use list for Pregnant and Nursing moms”. So please find a different EO for your personal use during this time in your life.

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