Lavender Spa Gift Basket

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Lavender Lover’s Gift Basket: The Ultimate Collection of Lavender Spa Products

Give the lavender lover in your life reason to celebrate with this exclusive handmade spa gift basket.

Do you know someone who really loves lavender, so much that she can never get enough of it? If so, this gift basket is for her. Give her this exclusive collection of Castle Baths’ lavender-scented, handmade spa products from all three of our spa lines. Why pick and choose when you can have it all?

  • This gift basket contains: one 4oz bottle of Sweet Communion Massage Oil, one 6oz bottle of Sweet Communion Hand and Body Lotion, one 8oz container of Tre’Yours Lavender Bath Scrub, one 2oz container of Exotic Earth Lavender Body Butter, and one Dead Sea Mud Flower Soap (not sold individually), all packaged in a decorative gift basket.
  • Gives you everything you need to keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and youthful.
  • Whoever said you shouldn’t put all your goodies in one basket? Why not have it all?

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