Passion Herbal Bath Tea




Embrace the sensual side of life with Passion Herbal Bath Tea

Intimate. Seductive. Indulgent. Need we say more?

See, feel, and smell the seductive powers of this aptly-named herbal bath tea. If you want something unique to give you that seductive, musky scent and sexy feeling of confidence, you’re in the right place! Just add one to two tablespoons of Passion Herbal Bath Tea to your next soak to experience this empowering, exotic pampering for yourself. In fact, it’s so sensual and so natural (made with organic ingredients) that you may even be tempted to drink it, but please, do try to resist this urge. This is tea for your bath, not tea for your cup, and won’t taste anywhere near as good as it smells.

  • A sexy, exotic means of indulging your obsession with fine tea
  • Acts like a natural aphrodisiac to help awaken your sexual energy and inspire you with confidence
  • Makes you appear irresistible to your lover or a potential lover

Additional benefits:

  • Made with the essential oil of sandalwood, which in addition to inspiring confidence, helps skin stay smooth and silky
  • Bath tea blend is also made with organic green tea, Dead Sea Salt, and coconut milk, for added anti-aging, deep-cleansing, and moisturizing benefits
  • Includes one reusable 3″ X 4″ organza tea bag for mess-free in-tub brewing
  • A great gift for her – especially for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day

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