Pink Grapefruit Bergamot Dead Sea Bath Salts





Jubilee Pink Grapefruit Bergamot Dead Sea Bath Salts for De-Stressing and Aromatherapy

Dead Sea Bath salts are an excellent way to deep-cleanse your skin’s pores, and unlike Epsom salts or other bath salts, they won’t dry out your skin while doing so. Experience our Jubilee aromatherapy blend to energize your spirit – there’s just nothing like a Dead Sea Salt aromatherapy bath!

Infused with a sweet, organic citrus sweet blend, our Pink Grapefruit Bergamot Dead Sea Bath Salts are jubilant yet restful – and intensely restorative! Between a busy day and a long evening, take time to revitalize yourself with a Jubilee Dead Sea Salt soak (“the pause that refreshes”) and come out dancing! We use only pure, authentic Dead Sea Salt when we make our Dead Sea Bath Salts ensure a spa-quality bathing experience. No need to settle for those cheap, ultra-dehydrating store-brand salts anymore! Treat yourself to luxury!

  • Jubilee Aromatherapy Benefits include promoting uplifting, energizing, and cheering feelings so you can wash away the day’s woes along with any dirt or pollutants lingering in your skin’s pores
  • Dead Sea Salts soften skin without drying so you can use them as often as you like (in fact, they’re quite moisturizing!)
  • Helps relax your mind while you soak in a warm bath
  • Dead Sea Salts help to detox your body and deep-cleanse your skin’s pores – where most other bath and body products can’t reach, so you can emerge free of the environmental pollutants that have been clogging your skin and upsetting your body’s natural rhythm.

Our products are scented with the grade 3 therapeutic Essential Oils. We shop the entire World in search of the very BEST Ingredients for our products!

Tested Research Benefits of DEAD SEA SALT for the SKIN

  • Gentle but effective microdermabrasion
  • Naturally exfoliating without being harsh
  • Eliminates dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin
  • Invigorates your skin’s surface
  • Encourages surface-skin regeneration
  • Softens skin without harsh chemicals
  • Helps make skin appear visibly younger
  • High in free-radical reducing antioxidants

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