Restoration English Rose Dead Sea Salts




Restoration English Rose Dead Sea Salts to Revive: a home remedy for womanly woes

Restoration English Rose Dead Sea Salts contain Clary Sage and Geranium Rose to make a great home remedy for menstrual cramps and other womanly woes. When looking for a bath salt blend to help ease your mind and body, there’s really not much of a choice – you can choose the cheap, fragrance-oil-scented store-brand bath salts that have no aromatherapy benefits whatsoever, and will dry out your skin, or you can choose a blend scented with essential oils that both scientific studies and folk tradition have shown to help women restore their peace of mind!

Our Restoration English Rose Dead Sea Salts are a rosy, herbaceous, blend – stirred up with a woman in mind! Our earthy, silken, combination of dead sea salt with essential oils of geranium rose and sage are reminiscent of an English tea garden and help to restore your peace of mind. Try our home remedy for menstrual cramps, PMS, and other womanly woes and restore the creative you with our Restoration Dead Sea Bath Salts! Daytime, nighttime, anytime – seek out this mind, body, and soul-cleansing bath salt soak – well worth the cost during your time of need!

    • Restoration Aromatherapy Benefits include a Calming, Consoling, Balancing, Soothing, Gently Clarifying, and Normalizing effect on the spirit to help you get through each day with your peace of mind intact
    • Use these bath salts as often as you need to – they contain NO DRUGS or CHEMICALS!
    • Very moisturizing to the skin (unlike Epsom bath salts or table salt, which dry out the skin) so your skin will look silky soft when you emerge from the water
    • Scented with grade 3 therapeutic Essential Oils to give you the most soothing aromatherapy experience possible

Tested Research Benefits of DEAD SEA SALT for the SKIN

      • Gentle but effective microdermabrasion
      • Naturally exfoliating without being harsh
      • Eliminates dead skin cells for brighter, smoother skin
      • Invigorates your skin’s surface
      • Encourages surface-skin regeneration
      • Softens skin without harsh chemicals
      • Helps make skin appear visibly younger
      • High in free-radical reducing antioxidants

DID YOU KNOW? Important, please read!

If you are taking hormonal drugs of any kind- do not use this product – it contains the essential oil of clary sage which in itself is a natural hormone re-placer.

While all of our products are cancer-free and do not cause birth defects, we do want to acknowledge that the Essential oil of Clary Sage is on the “do not use list for Pregnant and Nursing moms”.. so do not use if this is your timeline in life. Safety first! Our Restoration Blend is designed more for women in pre or post Menopause, for this scent matches her timeline in life. May I suggest if you are interested in a rose floral, you might like our Prayer Blend (Fruity Floral) or our Bathsheba Blend (Soft Woodsy Rose)

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