Restoration Herbal Bath Tea




Restoration Herbal Bath Tea: a unique, healthier way to pamper yourself

Stressed out? Revive yourself in a soothing Restoration Herbal Bath Tea. Attain piece of mind with this relaxing, natural blend of lemongrass and green tea, scented with geranium rose and clary sage to recreate the aroma of a formal English garden.

Looking for something unusual and extraordinary for your next night of pampering? Indulge in a luxurious soak with Castle Baths’ Herbal Bath Tea, scented in a proprietary blend of essential oils to create a natural aroma reminiscent of a herbal English garden. Relax and wander down memory lane while this herbal bath tea blend helps soothe, relax, and pamper your body. This bath tea blend is stirred up with a woman in mind, and many find it very helpful for restoring peace of mind, particularly so during those pesky womanly woes like PMS.

  • The perfect pampering spa treat for Downton Abbey afficionados – turn your bathroom into a herbal English garden
  • A unique and unconventional way of indulging your obsession with fine tea
  • Gives you an excuse to spend an hour (or two) away from the kids, soaking in your tub

Additional features:

  • Made with the essential oils of geranium rose and clary sage to help melt away the stress of PMS and other womanly woes, and restore peace of mind.
  • Retains the high natural antioxidant content of green tea and chamomile to deliver age-fighting nutrients to your skin.
  • For those who appreciate quality – made with luxurious, natural ingredients not linked to cancer or birth defects.

Note: You may be tempted to drink this English-garden-scented herbal bath tea blend, but please don’t. It won’t taste anywhere near as good as it smells, as it is formulated for bath time, not English tea time.

DID YOU KNOW? Important, please read!

If you are taking hormonal drugs of any kind- do not use this product – it contains essential oil of clary sage which in itself is a natural hormone re-placer.

While all of our products are cancer-free and do not cause birth defects, we do want to acknowledge that the Essential oil of Clary Sage is on the “do not use list for Pregnant and Nursing moms”.. so don not use if this is your timeline in life. Safety first! Our Restoration Blend is designed more for a women in pre or post Menopause, for this scent matches her timeline in life. May I suggest if you are interested in a rose floral, you might like our Prayer Blend (Fruity Floral) or our Bathsheba Blend (Soft Woodsy Rose)

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