Spa Gift Basket for Expecting Moms

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Slice of Life Gift Basket | Celebrate Life! Best Spa Gift Basket for Expecting Moms for Expecting Moms and New Moms Too

A thoughtful Spa Gift Basket for Expecting Moms and new moms! Indulge in the warm, comforting scents of vanilla and cocoa, without the guilt. With a new baby to care for, simple indulgences are sometimes the best, and easiest. Perfect for those rare moments when Mom gets to take care of herself. Not to mention, the Chocolate Cake soap looks good enough to eat!

This basket is made especially with Mom in mind; Shea Butter is great for softening the skin, which helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, all while keeping it supple and smelling amazing.

Sweet Dreams is one of our proprietary blends that promises relaxation. Rest easy in the embrace of this heavenly lavender and vanilla blend. It’s the perfect prelude to a well-rested night for new mothers.


All of our Spa products are hand-made, and designed specifically to be safe and suit your specific needs. We only use natural, chemical-free ingredients. This means no parabens and no cancer-causing components. Our products are all Green Certified, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and 100% safe.

The Slice of Life Spa Gift Basket also comes with a candle, so that Mom can make the most of this indulgent experience!


Let’s Celebrate NEW Life! Look no further? This basket is packed full of handmade spa and bath products made with new moms in mind.

  • This gift basket contains: one 6oz bottle of Sweet Dreams Hand and Body Lotion, one 2oz jar of Cocoa Butter Plus, one 3.5oz bar of Sweet Dreams Natural Soap, one 4.5 oz piece of Fruit Cake Slice Soap or Chocolate Cake Slice Soap, and one candle, all packaged in a decorative gift basket.
  • Watch her turn heads (and noses) as she struts around in sweetly-scented, silky smooth skin after bathing with these chocolate spa products
  • This one-of-a-kind spa gift basket from Castle Baths outdoes all other gifts for expecting moms and new moms too, each product is perfect!
  • Handmade in the USA, natural, organic,cancer-free ingredients, gluten-free, vegan,
  • Cocoa Butter and Shea butter rich to help the new mom with her beautiful skin!

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