Unscented Cancer Skin Care Pack

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Unscented Cancer Skin Care Pack by Exotic Earth – Skin Care Set for Healthier Skin

Our cancer skin care pack for healthier skin bundles our most soothing and toxin-fighting, unscented aloe vera skin care products with natural, unscented coconut oil and unscented, pampering, herbal bath tea to help the patients and survivors love the look and feel of their skin again.

Unscented Cancer Skin Care Gift Set for Healthier Skin by Exotic Earth

Cancer treatments can often have adverse side effects on the body’s healthy cells, in addition to killing cancer cells, particularly when it comes to the skin. If she’s been complaining of dryness or is worried about the short and long-term effects treatment may have on her skin, this collection of natural unscented aloe vera products, bundled with our unscented, natural coconut oil and herbal bath tea, should go a long way towards helping her to love her body again and wash her worries away!

Includes full-size:

  • Soothing, gentle aloe vera juice spray to help wash away her worries and feed her skin with vitamins
  • Premium, rich, creamy aloe body butter to sooth dry/damaged skin and infuse it with much-needed age-fighting antioxidants found naturally in aloe
  • Aloe vera natural soap, infused with vegetable-based natural glycerin for added moisturizing and soothing sensations
  • Natural, unscented, antioxidant-rich coconut oil massage oil, perfect for the super-sensitive nose and skin of a cancer patient or survivor, and loaded with toxin-fighting antioxidants and vitamins to combat skin damage from UV exposure, heavy metals and other toxins. Use it as massage oil or to moisturize.

Also includes:

Two (2) individually-wrapped, single-use bags of unscented, pampering herbal bath tea, also rich in antioxidants, to provide solace and peace of mind.

Note: decorative aloe stalks not included

Added bonus:

All bottles are aluminum and BPA-free to keep their contents airtight and prevent air and sun damage, keeping them at optimal quality for therapeutic skin care use.

Did you know?

Aloe vera contains six of the B vitamins, plus a number of minerals important for healthy skin, essential amino acids, and plant sterols with anti-inflammatory properties. Its skin care benefits have been known since the 16th century BCE, and aloe is mentioned in the New Testament and ancient Chinese medicine.

Our natural coconut oil contains numerous strong antioxidants that get filtered out in most of the coconut oil brands you would use for cooking. When coconut oil is exposed to UV sunlight, it oxidizes, producing the damaging free radicals you’re trying to eliminate from your skin inside the oil itself. The antioxidants and vitamins that are able to be preserved in our oil are key to fighting skin damage and numerous signs of aging including wrinkles and liver spots (oxidized fatty deposits.) Some people even say it stops the aging process in your skin stone dead! These antioxidants and vitamins also can help neutralize the ill-effects of chemotherapy on the skin of a cancer patient.

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