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Price Around $5 – Available on
Pros Removes dead debris for your skin to glow
Cons Not for sensitive or broken skin
Summary Add a Japanese Washcloth aka Salux Washcloth to your daily self care routines and enjoying the serenity of complete relaxation.
Our Rating 5/5

GLOW WITH US and a humble nylon towel

The humble nylon towel = the state of being free from tension and anxiety.

Our days are defined by the basics in life.

Every day we’re hustling to make the next one better.  As creatures of habit our days are defined by the basics in life. So, isn’t it worth paying attention to the things we rely on for our daily routines? Add a Japanese Washcloth aka Salux Washcloth to your daily selfcare routines and enjoying the serenity of complete Relaxation.

“This is one thing that I will to continue using until the day I die.” After every use I feel like I have cleansed my entire body and soul.

Image of African American woman with towel on her head, just out of the shower. She is looking into the mirror and smiling.

One Christmas, I gave these out to my friends and family. My one friend Frances, called after her first use, she asked me why did I give her that scouring pad? And that her skin was red after using it. And yes, she is Black. Needless to say, I was taken aback. She went on to say that was the best bath/shower she had had in a long time, and she slept like a baby.  She went on to share with me that from now anytime I was planning to give her a gift she wants a Japanese Washcloth.  

Ditch Your Loofa For A Japanese /Salux Washcloth

 It’s cheap (about $5), easy to use, you can actually scrub your own back. First, I wet it. Then I lather it down some bar soap on it until it’s nice and sudsy, and I rub it all over my body. The best is when you grab one end in each hand and kind of shimmy it back and forth behind you as if you’re polishing a bowling ball…the bowling ball that is your back. It feels like 16 boyfriends scratching your back at the same time. Rinse, towel dry, and you’re left with baby-ass soft skin that feels immaculate.

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Image of young woman using washcloth to exfoliate her faceYou have to be seriously careful how much pressure you apply because it can actually be quite painful, when you’ve finished it feels like you’ve cleansed your entire body and soul.

Japanese Washcloth aka Salux Washcloth works better than Any Body Scrub

The benefit of using a Japanese Washcloth aka Salux Washcloth.

Polishes away dull, dry skin

Revives skin in a refreshing way

3 times the size of a standard washcloth

Polish & Smooth Dull, Dry Skin in Hard-To-Reach Areas

3X the Size of a Washcloth

Polish away your dull, dry skin!  This specially textured nylon cloth deep cleans & revives rough skin in a refreshing way.  At 35″ x 11″, it’s almost three times the size of a standard wash cloth to quickly buff smooth even hard-to-reach areas such as your back.

*Actual product styling and colors may vary.

For the best body benefits: Wet and apply favorite soap or body wash. Massage cloth over body to clean and exfoliate. Rinse cloth and air dry.

Warning: Do not use on irritated, damaged or broken skin. If irritation develops, discontinue use immediately.


Check out The Brod Vlog on how he exfoliates using a cloth like Salux.


Japan is nation that loves to bathe

Image of Japanese communal bath. Large room with showers on the back wall, blue marble tub, and Japanese decor

For Japanese people, there’s hardly a greater bliss than to slowly soak their body in hot water. When not at their own bathtub at home, people go to large public baths or bath houses – and, as opposed to the Western world, these places are frequented without any clothes. People bathe together completely naked. Japanese bathing culture is rooted deeply in the nation’s history and has its very own set of customs and rules. buy it now on Amazon

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