When we used to think about what the future held for us in terms of technology, it was over the top designs like flying cars and food that cooked itself. The era of the smart home has now arrived and it seems that most of the modern technology we’re using is more about convenience and a little bit of luxury than super futuristic and unreasonable designs.

Smart homes are those that make life a bit easier for the homeowner and they could be a simple as a video doorbell or as complex as a fridge that knows what food you’re running low on and orders it for you. The smart shower is one such way that we’re seeing our lives change for the better thanks to technology, but what are they all about?

When you think about your bathroom, your shower seems pretty capable of doing everything you need it to. However, looking at what a smart shower system can do, you’ll probably want to ditch your old manual bathroom and opt for a new, fancy smart bath instead.

We’re going to look further into what these smart showers can actually do and whether they’re within your reach.

The Rise Of Smart Technology

Bringing Technology To The Bathroom: Introducing Smart Showers 1

Smart homes and smart devices are all the rage at the moment and whether you’re using just one system or have many working together, there’s a good chance you’re enjoying them as well. A smart home is one that features automatic functions where your appliances and systems communicate with each other to make your life easier.

For example, your heating and cooling system might turn on automatically to be ready for your arrival from work, while the lighting of your home gets turned on in preparation for you to walk through the door. You can order pizzas through a smart speaker, turn on your music, and even have a pretty detailed security system that’s all controllable from your phone.

The smart bathroom is one area where we could really use this type of convenience and so the popularity of smart baths, smart showers, and smart showerheads is starting to grow. As these devices and technologies become more available, their price drops to a reasonable level and it seems that more and more everyday people can start to enjoy the modern touch.

Functions Of A Smart Shower

When you think of a smart shower, you might conjure up ideas of a shower that turns itself on with your voice command and alters the temperature when you say. If this is what you had in mind, you’d be pretty close to what they’re capable of, but that’s not everything that they can do:

Temperature Control

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a freezing cold shower or getting burned when you underestimated the temperature. A smart shower can keep the shower’s temps at the perfect level for you and even display the current status for you to see.

Remote Power

Bringing Technology To The Bathroom: Introducing Smart Showers 2

Sometimes we want to get into the shower right away but have to stand there for ages letting the water get to the right temperature. Smart showers can be controlled wirelessly or with Bluetooth so you can turn it on while you’re walking to the bathroom from the other end of the house, and when you arrive it will be ready to go.

Water Flow And Spray

Smart showers often come with many different settings for the water flow and spray. You can choose options like a rain shower, high pressure, and water saving mode. All of these can be adjusted through voice command to make life a lot easier.

Lighting Display

Lights are a standard part of a smart shower, and they come with many different LED colors for whatever you need. They might be able to warn if the water is too hot with a red light, too cold with a blue one, or you can set up some mood lighting to really enjoy your bath.

Music And Audio

Speakers are sometimes included in these shower heads or control panels so you can listen to music as you bathe, talk on the phone, or hear your favorite podcast.

Technology That’s Within Our Reach

Bringing Technology To The Bathroom: Introducing Smart Showers 3

We used to look at smart devices like this as something way out of our reach, but it appears the items are changing. Smart tech like these showers and baths are becoming more common which means the market is competitive with Forbes claiming that around 45 million smart devices were installed in US homes in 2018 alone.

This is good news for the consumer who’s able to start using smart devices in their home and there are many different price ranges to choose from. Smart shower systems start at around $100 for a basic model but can go anywhere into the thousands of dollars, so it all depends on your budget and needs.

The more expensive models have more functions, but the technology is always improving so there’s something new to buy all the time.

The Future Of Smart Bathrooms

As we turn more of our lives over to these smart devices, we’ll start to get comfortable with the convenience they offer. Something as simple as a smart shower head could truly transform your home and make your time in the bathroom like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Obviously, there’s no real need for a smart bathroom at this stage where a quality showerhead will do, but if you can afford the luxury then it’s a nice treat. Smart homes are definitely the way of the future, so it’s amazing to think about what other aspects of our life can be transformed with a few new innovative pieces of tech.



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