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Cold and flu season seems to last forever, and since summer colds are common, too, there really isn’t a bad time to think of ways to make your family feel better when they’re suffering from a stuffy nose, cough, body aches and sore throat.

A Vicks Shower Bomb DIY is just what you need

Vicks Vapor Rub is one of those remedies everyone knows about…rub it on your chest to ease congestion, rub some under your nose to clear stuffiness, coat the soles of your feet and pull on socks before bed. Unfortunately, the smell is very strong, it can hurt your irritated nose and some of us find the stickiness unbearable. Most kids hate Vicks with a fiery passion, and nobody wants to fight with a sick child.

Vicks makes shower tabs, but they’re actually quite expensive, well over a dollar each. Why not take some time for Vicks shower bombs DIY? They’re much more cost-effective and kids love to help make them. Placed right near your shower drain, they dissolve as the hot water hits them, releasing Vicks-scented steam and turning the shower into sauna therapy, with none of the stickiness on pajamas or burning noses.

Recipe for Vicks Shower Bombs DIY

½ cup cornstarch
1 cup baking soda
3-5 tablespoons of Vicks Vapor Rub
Water, up to ⅓ cup
Optional: food coloring or extra essential oils, such as peppermint, blue yarrow, rosemary or eucalyptus

  • Put cornstarch and soda into a bowl and whisk to combine evenly.
  • Add Vicks (can use generic) to suit your family. If using with small kids you may prefer to use less.
  • Add up to 25 drops of essential oil(s) and any food coloring you’d like. Do this before adding any water.
  • Stir till everything starts combining. If you add too much water they won’t set up, so seeing what your other wet ingredients do to the consistency first is key.
  • Now add a bit of water and stir. Continue to add slowly, a teaspoon at a time, till it turns to a thick paste.
  • You may form by hand into balls or more flattened shapes, put into silicone ice cube trays or cupcake liners. Allow them to dry 24 hours or even longer before using. Tip: put them on top of a radiator, near a fire, or even in the shut-off oven after cooking to help them dry very effectively. Store in an airtight container.

Now you know how easy it is to bring relief to symptoms of a cold and flu! This treatment is safe for everyone in the family to use (if your baby is sick, you can sit in the bathroom with the shower running on the Vicks bomb so the baby breathes the steam, the same way you’d treat croup) and is very helpful right before bed. I make these shower bombs every year around Halloween to be sure they have time to cure before anyone gets sick, and once I see only about a half dozen left, I hurry to make more before we use them up. If you’re looking for a great DIY remedy for sickness, this is it.

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