Wassa High Pressure Shower Head Review 1

Price Around $20 – Available on Amazon.com
Pros Self-cleaning nozzles, Easy installation, Lifetime guarantee
Cons None
Summary The Wassa High Pressure Shower Head provide powerful pressure and adequate flow to get pleasant shower even at low water pressure and flow circumstances.
Our Rating 5/5

There’s nothing better than stepping into the shower after a long day of work or looking after the kids and letting all of your troubles melt away. If you’re like most people though, you probably find that the pressure you get from a regular shower head just doesn’t cut it when you need to relax.

For those homes who have low water flow you might have given up on the idea of ever having a quality shower again and found that most shower head replacements can’t even make a difference. The feeling of having a powerful and massaging shower is just a memory but one that you remember makes for the ultimate bathroom experience.

Thankfully, there are still some quality high pressure shower heads on the market and they don’t cost a fortune as you’d assume. You’ll be able to transform even the lowest flow showers into something powerful and soothing so that every single time you step into the water it’s like having your own personal spa experience.

The Wassa High Pressure Shower Head is one of the most affordable shower heads on the market and one that promises to deliver a seriously strong stream of water. With this simple attachment, you’ll make a huge change to how you shower and get that intense pressure and a soothing jet of water that you’ve always wanted.

About The Product

Wassa High Pressure Shower Head Review 2

In the world of bathroom fixtures, Wassa is still a relatively unknown brand and their range is quite small. Their best-selling product is the High Pressure Shower Head because it offers simplicity and delivers on the high pressure that so many people crave from their water flow.

Even if you’ve been burned in the past because of your low flowing water or minimal pressure, you’ll notice a huge difference with this attachment.

Whether you have notoriously low water flow at your house or you’ve tried countless other high pressure shower heads and been disappointed, this is the way to go. Wassa has thought of everything when designing this attachment and even made it super easy to install within minutes.

This is an affordable way to turn your average shower into something that feels as though it belongs in a spa, and the massaging of the water will be a welcome one after a long day. This budget-friendly shower head from Wassa has a whole lot to offer, as you can see by its many features:

  • 3 inch surface with full body chrome finish;
  • 45 different silicon jets turn the lowest water pressure into a hard spray;
  • Stainless steel filer for durability and no clogging;
  • Made with ABS structure and brass ball connection;
  • Swivel joint for flexibility;
  • G1/2” connection thread for easy installation;

There’s nothing worse than hopping into the shower and having it feels as it’s slowly dripping on you and barely washing you at all. With this simple addition to your shower, you’ll get the high water pressure you’ve been dreaming about and make bath time all that more enjoyable.

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What Customers Are Saying

This is a seriously lightweight shower head and when reading the reviews, it seemed that some customers thought it was going to be faulty because of how flimsy it felt. They were pleasantly surprised to feel just how powerful it was, especially for those who have dealt with low water flow for years until this came along.

The pressure from this shower is so good that some customers even found that when it was on a certain setting that it felt as though it was stinging. Be sure to test out the pressure and spray before you get into the shower to avoid any painful situations, but for those who like things really tough you’ll probably prefer it this way.

Another strong point that the Wassa High Pressure Shower Head has is how easy it was to install. There’s no need to be a handyman just to attach it to your shower and they’ve used a G ½” connection thread to easily install it to your current setup, so within just minutes you’ll be enjoying the new powerful spray.

Buying Advice

Wassa High Pressure Shower Head Review 3

If you can’t wait any longer and don’t want to suffer with a measly spray of water in the shower, you can head to Amazon to get yourself the Wassa High Pressure Shower Head. This amazing little device can be purchased for less than $20 which is pretty amazing when you consider how much joy it will bring you.

Amazon offers free shipping on this for their Amazon Prime members, but others will have to pay. If you purchase two shower heads for just under $40 you’ll get free shipping so it’s definitely worth it to get another one as a gift or for the second bathroom in your home.

When you buy something this cheap you probably expect it to break within a matter of months, but that’s one thing you don’t have to think about with this one. Wassa has given this a lifetime guarantee which means it will last the life of your shower and never let you down. This is pretty incredible given how budget friendly it is.

The Verdict

When you’re sick and tired of having subpar showers that just don’t do the job, you can invest in the Wassa High Pressure Shower Head to change it all. This one simple device can deliver seriously hard streams that will massage your entire body while you wash and get rid of all the stress and worry of the day.

This is a budget-friendly, easy to install, and seriously impressive shower head that delivers on everything it promised to. If you’re ready to transform your shower and get the high power you deserve, click on the button below to purchase the Wassa High Pressure Shower Head today.

buy it now on Amazon

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