Withings Smart Digital Scale Review 1

Price Around $100 – Available on Amazon.com
Pros Full body composition, Highly compatible, Automatic synchronization
Cons Bad smartphone app
Summary Withings/NOKIA is an ideal weight loss companion.
Our Rating 4.5/5

There’s nothing more serious than our health, and doing whatever we can to ensure we’re living healthy lives is a must have. If you’re someone who truly understands the importance of health and makes a conscious effort to track how yours is going, you’ll want to have all of the best tech and accessories working by your side.

Traditional bathroom scales could only offer so much in our quest for good health. Whether it was a standard analog scale or the newer digital ones, it seems they were lacking in some of the important information that we really needed when it came to our health.

Enter the new age of the digital scale, with these devices now capable of so much more. You’re able to fully track all aspects of your health and body composition, as well as have the added convenience of a smartphone app or connection to your smart home setup.

As far as the future is concerned, we are definitely there when you look at this new range of bathroom scales. Withings is a brand that understands just how important health is and they want to give you a tool that helps you track it closely.

The Withings Digital Scale is a state of the art and innovative accessory that will not only show you your weight but monitor other health stats and keep you all synced up with your other devices. To see what it offers, read on to find out about this futurist bathroom scale.

About The Product

Withings Smart Digital Scale Review 2

Withings is a tech brand who believes in doing things a little out of the ordinary. They take everyday products and add a lot of features and functions to them so that they’re more convenient and innovative than ever before, for people who like to have the latest and greatest devices.

The Withings Digital Scale is one such product, offering a lot more than your everyday bathroom scale ever did. This scale can do so many things that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle and even give you the motivation you might be lacking to get your life on track. As far as bathroom scales go, it’s definitely the most futuristic.

If you want more from your bathroom scale than just a reading of your weight, this could be just what you’re searching for. These are some of the features you’ll find on the Withings Digital Scale that could change the way you weigh yourself:

  • Complete body composition that shows weight, body fat, muscle and bone mass, and water percentage;
  • Syncs with over 100 health apps and Apple Watch;
  • Comes with Health Mate app and shows weight each day using Wi-Fi connection;
  • Program up to eight users with their own history;
  • Manages calorie intake based on weight goal;
  • Different programs including pregnancy tracker and baby mode;
  • Daily weather forecast is shown on the scale;

As you can see, the Withings Bathroom Scale is more than just a scale, and more like having your very own health coach. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, stay the same, or improve your health, this is one nifty little device that you won’t want to do without.

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What Customers Are Saying

The sheer volume of information that you can get from this scale makes it worth the money and if you’ve struggled with hitting your weight goals it will help. There have been many happy customer reviews who claimed that this scale helped them achieve their goals thanks to the massive amount of apps it syncs with and the depth of data it provides.

Although the design of the scale itself is impressive, not many people were happy with the way the app worked. Most customers ended up deleting the app from their phone and just relied on one of the others that it syncs with, so it seems that Withings is in desperate need of a software update for this.

Keep in mind that this scale is probably not suited to people who like simplicity and you’ll need to spend some time setting it up and learning how to use it. However, if you love to have heaps of features and want more than just your weight on the screen, spending the extra money to get this high tech device will certainly pay off.

Buying Advice

Withings Smart Digital Scale Review 3

When you’re ready to finally achieve your health goals and want this handy device to help you do it, head to Amazon to get the best price on the Withings Digital Scale. Currently, Amazon has it listed for just under $100 which is great value for all of the functions it has built in.

Amazon will also ship your scales for free and if you’re part of their Amazon Prime program you’ll receive your scales in just 48 hours. This means you can kickstart your weight loss journey a lot sooner and start enjoying all of the features that Withings has packed on board.

Withings offers a two-year limited warranty on the scale which isn’t too bad at this price, and hopefully, it will last a lot longer than that. As the reviews have stated, you’re also able to download an app that works with the scale, but it seems there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out.

The Verdict​​​​​

Our weight is something that most of us focus on and we usually have a goal that we’re trying to reach. With the Withings Digital Scale, you’ll have a personal companion and health coach by your side thanks to the many functions and features it offers, so reaching these goals will be easy.

This is just the start of what we can expect for digital bathroom scales in the future and it’s exciting to see what they’re already capable of. To get yourself the Withings Digital Scale and move your health journey into the future, click on the button below to grab one.

buy it now on Amazon

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